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This is my first time blogging. Thank you for visiting this blog. Feel free to comment and contact me regarding anything related to my posts.

I started installing applications (apps) for my android phone this 2017 and I discovered that there are a number of apps that gives out money for free. Most of these apps earn money by showing advertisements (ads) and in return shares a portion of their earnings to the app users who watches the ads. The first application I joined was Inboxdollars and I will give a review about them and how I earn with them. I will review the applications/websites that I have personally used, and tell you how I earn with these apps/sites.

The apps I use are available in the U.S. and I do not know if they are available to other countries.

There are apps that are intrusive or apps that collect data from your devices. I avoid installing these kind of apps on my main phone (the phone that I bring with me everyday) and laptop.

Most of these apps will not require you to have service or sim card available, if there is one that will need service I will mention it in the blog. You will need a reliable wifi connection (preferably with unlimited data plan) to be able to earn.

How much will I Earn?:

The amount you will make is not an amount that can make you quit your job but still it is free money (beer money). I like to earn passively and I do this by watching advertisements on my devices. With this method, I can earn a few dollars from my devices while I sleep or while I do something else (passive earning).

I started with just one phone, but then I earned enough amazon gift cards to buy another, then another and so on. I use my earned amazon gift cards to buy phones/devices and let those phones/devices earn me more money. The more devices you have, the faster you can potentially earn. You can try and let your old unused devices earn. Use them and see if the apps/sites I mention in my blog work on them.

Each app/site will have their own unique currency name or points which you can convert to cash. Conversion rates will differ for different apps/sites.


Some of these apps/sites have a limit on the number of devices that you can use per account. There is also a limit on the number of accounts you can create in a household. If you are new and have a few devices available, choose an app that earns fast without exceeding the device limit. Use an app/site that has a low minimum/threshold to cashout (there will be a certain amount to reach before you can request payment for each of these apps). Use more apps if you have more devices. Also note that some apps/sites have certain earning limits in a day (maximum points or $ amount that you can earn each day).

Factors that affect Earnings:

There are a lot of factors that can affect earnings. Ads are location dependent and some apps/site will work better in different locations. They are also seasonal (there are slow earning seasons as well as quick ones like June or December 2017). Earnings will depend on ads so avoid using adblockers (using adblockers can get you banned) as this will hurt your earnings. Some apps/sites are device dependent, find out which apps work best for your devices. It is recommended that you keep a daily earnings log at first to see which apps work best for which device.

Earnings Log:

I will also post my earnings log later on after I make one so watch out for that to see which apps/sites I still use and how much I earn with them. You can find my Earnings Log on the bottom portion of this blog.

Check my Recent Posts on the sidebar for desktop and down below for mobile users.

Thank you for reading and finally reaching this portion of the blog. Let us start earning! After reading this blog, you can now go to the “App/Site list” from the Menu above and choose one of the apps or sites that I use, read on how I earn and see if that will work for you too. Go and start earning extra pocket money for Free. The app/site I recommend are: EARNABLY, Nielsen Mobile Application, Swagbucks, Receipt Hog, and Walmart Savings Catcher. You can also check the Money making Android Apps 2017, I still use Fronto, Ibotta, SlideJoy,  and the S’more apps.

Have Questions for me?

Contact me here or comment below.


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