How I Earn with AppTrailers


In this blog post I will tell you how I still earn with a money making app called AppTrailers.

As of now most of the applications (apps) I use are slowing down (low earnings per day) and earnings change with time and sadly the earnings are very low right now. I purchased some phones to increase my earnings. I used my free Amazon gift cards to purchase new devices to earn with.

I use an application called AppTrailers and I run it on one of my android devices. It earns me around $0.50 in 12 hours at first but tends to decrease the longer I keep it running. I think there is a certain time where it resets and earns more again. I think the app earnings resets everyday.

Like the other apps I use, I watch videos and ads to earn points. You can then convert these points to cash or gift cards later on after you have made enough points to get the minimum cash out equivalent. The currency or points in this app are called Perk Points (PPs). At first you will earn around 10 perk points (PPs) per advertisement and video viewed. Then I noticed that the points decreases as you view more videos, I think it can go as low as 2 PPs. If you view a video without an ad playing before the video, you will not get any PPs. I haven’t updated my app since I installed it last August 2017 and it still works today.


How I earn:
For new users you need to register an account with Perk using this link( Once you have your login information, download the app from the links below: (know which type of device you have and click the appropriate link)



Install AppTrailers on your device. Please read their Terms of Service before using the application. I use this application on only one device since I am not sure if you can use this application on multiple devices.

After installing, open the application. Make sure to log in using the details from your Perk account.


I tap on Watch Videos, then tap on RapidReviews, then tap LaLaLand, then tap Watch. Videos and advertisements will then play automatically.
(If someone already using the application knows of a faster way to earn points, please comment down below to let others know.)
Advertisements and videos should play continuously until you get the ‘Are You Still Watching?’ (AYSW) pop up in the bottom, which I think happens randomly. Sometimes I get the pop up sometimes I don’t. When you do get the pop up, just tap it and everything should run again.


I cash out my PPs for an Amazon gift card using the Perk Wallet app (you can download this app on Google Play and Itunes). 1000 PPs earned is roughly equal to $1.00. I usually choose the $5 Amazon gift card when I cash out. When you cash out, they will send you a text message containing a 5 digit verification code (you will need a working phone number to receive the verification code). You will receive an email confirmation once you have successfully cashed out. This email should tell you when you will receive your reward. Perk usually pays out during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They do not give payouts if these days fall on a U.S. Holiday.

Enjoy earning with AppTrailers!


April 2019- Earnings are very low with this app. It is only earning about $0.20 for running this app the whole day. Sometimes an ad will open Goggle Play store.

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