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In this Ibotta app review blog post, I will explain what is Ibotta, how you can join and get a $10 sign up bonus, how to earn free cash from the app, and how to cash out with Ibotta.

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free mobile cash-back app that pays its users for shopping. You can also call it a mobile couponing app. This app can help you save money every time you shop. Everyone needs groceries, why not save a few dollars when buying groceries.

Joining is FREE. There is a $10 sign up bonus waiting when you join. The sign up bonus is rewarded after you submit your first receipt that contains a brand offer. Ibotta has “any item offers” available, and those type of offers do not qualify to get the sign up bonus.

Required to Join:
1. Compatible device, either Android or iOS (with reliable data)
2. If cashing out with PayPal, you’ll need a PayPal account

To get started:
Join Ibotta CLICK here and Register

Who can use the App?
Ibotta is available for Android and iOS users. It’s free to download the app from Google play or iTunes. You’ll need to sign up and register before you can use the Ibotta app. To register and earn a $10 sign up bonus: Click here.

How do I Earn?

Ibotta is simple to use. You can even stack your cash-back with other coupons and other cash-back apps (eg. Receipt Hog). This allows shoppers to save even more money.

To start, click the Ibotta logo in your mobile device and it should take you to the home page. This is where you can see the search bar to search for retailers and offers. You can use Ibotta online or in store. I’ve never tried ordering online using the Ibotta app. I guess purchasing online using Ibotta would make Ibotta just like Rakuten Ebates¬†which is an app that gives cash back for online purchases to your favorite online retailers like Amazon.

To use Ibotta in store, search for your favorite retailer store (eg. Walmart, Target, Ralphs…) where you usually grocery shop and click the star beside it to save the store in the home page for easy access the next time you open the app. Click the store and it should show you all the offers that the app has for that certain store.

ibotta 1
This is a screenshot of the offers available on the app.

When you click an offer, it should show you the details of the product to redeem. You need to purchase the product as described on the details. Also make sure you are buying the right quantity. If you are at the store and you are not sure if that is the exact product on the app, you can scan the bar code of the product using Ibotta and the app will tell you if you have the right item or not.

Tip: Add products that you are going to buy on your next grocery trip.

After making sure you have the right product, tap on the “+” sign. After that, you will need to complete a task on your mobile device. The tasks range from watching a short video, answering a short survey, reading about the product, or writing a review about the product. The tasks are easy and quick.

ibotta 2
This is a screenshot of a watch a video task.

You complete at least one task per product offer. The product is then automatically added to your “checklist” on the Ibotta app so you can earn money after purchasing the item in store. You can repeat the steps above to create and complete your “checklist” of products before going to the store.

To get the cash for the offers, you need to purchase the products in your checklist at the store you chose. Do your groceries. It is important to keep your receipt as proof of your purchase. Ibotta will need the receipt when you redeem the offers later on.

Note: When you’ve finished your grocery shopping, redeem your offers on the Ibotta app before they expire.

To Redeem Offers:

Tap “Redeem” at the bottom of the screen of your mobile device. You then select the store where you purchased the product/s. You will then need to take a picture of the receipt or take a picture of the QR code (for Walmart receipts). You will then add the products in your checklist and make sure they are all listed as “Verified Offers”. Some product offers will require you to take a picture of the product barcode.

ibotta 5

After having your products verified, tap “Verify _ Purchases: $…” button at the bottom of the screen and you’re done. Your cash back will be deposited into your Ibotta account within 24 to 48 hours.

ibotta 6

Link Your Loyalty Card:

There is another method on how to redeem offers on Ibotta. Ibotta allows you to link your store loyalty card to their app, which will automatically confirm your purchased products. No need to take a picture of the receipt. However, this method only works with specific retailers (like Ralphs) and not all of them.

Note: When redeeming by linking a loyalty card, remember to add the products to your checklist first before going to the grocery store.

This part of the app lets you earn more. There are a lot of bonuses in the app, you’ll unlock more bonuses when you start to complete some. You can access the bonuses section from the “Earn more” section on the bottom of the screen. Tap a bonus to learn more on how to earn it.

You can also earn by inviting friends to use Ibotta. You need to invite your friends using your special link to earn through referrals. Usually Ibotta gives out $5 to you for each friend you invite successfully, but there are times that Ibotta gives out promotions and friend invite bonuses, allowing you to earn even more.

If you want to be my referral, click here.
Thank you, I appreciate it if you join me.

How to cash out on Ibotta?

You need a minimum of $20 to cash out. You can choose to send your money directly to your PayPal or Venmo account or redeem gift cards through the app. Some gift cards have a minimum of $25.

ibotta cashout 2

When you accumulate at least $20 in your Ibotta account, tap on “Account” on the bottom of the screen. You should be able to press the “Withdraw Cash” button right below the Ibotta account earnings progress bar. It should also show you how much money is available to withdraw. The progress bar should show you how much money in USD that you are able to withdraw. Follow the simple instructions that follows to cash out. I always send my cash back straight to my PayPal account. I linked my PayPal and Ibotta accounts.

ibotta cashout 1

Note: You’ll need to verify your phone number when you cash out. After you verify your phone number, you need to enter your Ibotta password.

Is Ibotta A Scam?

Ibotta is not a scam, I have already earned more than $100 from Ibotta and I send my earnings directly to my PayPal account. Now I can get easy cash by doing groceries.

Ibotta is a legit app to earn free cash through cash-back from shopping. If you shop a lot, this is the app for you. It will save you a lot of money.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review of the Ibotta app!

Thank you so much for reading. Have fun earning with Ibotta and get paid to shop!

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