My Free Laptop

I Got a Laptop for Free from Amazon

I wanted a new Laptop. But… I want to get it for free.

I have been saving some of my free earnings from my devices to buy myself an early Christmas gift on Black Friday 2017. I was able to accumulate about $900 worth of Amazon gift cards.

I gave myself a budget of less than $900. My old laptop’s battery died and since it is old I felt that I needed to replace it. For my new laptop, I wanted something lightweight that could last at least 8 hours. It has to be small between 11 in to 14 in. It has to be fast: at least an Intel core i5 CPU (latest generation) and it should be a Solid State Drive (SSD).

I was searching around the Amazon store for a laptop that was perfect for my needs or wants. And nearing Black Friday 2017, I found the recently released Asus ZenBook UX330UA-AH55. It was $749 pre-sale, the battery was claimed to last 12 hours, it was 13.3 in., and only 2.6 lbs. It had the latest Intel core i5 8th generation processor and 256 GB SSD. This was the perfect laptop for me.

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The Laptop on Amazon


I waited until sale time and bought the laptop for $711.55 on Amazon online. I used my saved Amazon gift cards for this purchase. I also bought a laptop plastic case hard cover to protect the laptop from scratches. My laptop was basically free and was from all the free Amazon gift cards I was getting for running apps and sites from my devices.

Asus laptop free
This is a screenshot of my order summary from Amazon showing an order total of $0.00.

Unboxing Video

I made an unboxing video of this laptop on YouTube with this link:


This is the first video on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and give us a thumbs up if you want me to make a video tutorial on how to get started on earning free Amazon gift cards from running applications on my devices for free. Thank you so much for the support.

I hope you will get inspired by this short blog post on how I got a laptop for free.

How I Got a Laptop for Free

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William Shakespeare — ‘If there is a good willthere is great way.’

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