Free $100 Offer Lasts Until December 2023

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$100 may not sound much with high inflation but it is still good money especially if it is free.

$100 that is free can get you a lot of beers, a lot of beermoney guys. Or coffee for our coffee lovers our there.

You could even buy clothes, food, groceries and you can do much already with free $100.

If you’re interested in this money making offer please continue reading.

When I was earning with phones passively watching videos or ads before, I remember 100 dollars is a lot already for doing almost nothing.

It used to take weeks to earn $100 and then it got slower and slower making it unsustainable in the long run. Then I got a job which made me unable to baby sit the money making phones anymore so eventually I stopped most of them and looked for other alternatives.

This offer will give you $100 in one day very passive as long as you follow the rules and has the potential to make you $100 too and I’ll tell you how.

The offer lasts until this December only. But after December instead of $100 it changes to $50 free money.

Without further ado the offer is a referral offer to open a credit card with Discover.

There are rules to get your free statement credit or your free money. So you’ll need to learn them carefully in order to earn your free money.

So, Discover will give you and me a $100 statement credit when I refer you to open a credit account with them. It’s as easy as signing up for my referral link which I will put in this post somewhere and opening up an account.

It’s a credit card account and I want you to be very responsible when you use it. Please only buy things you need and things that you can afford.

Or you could just open an account, grab your free money and stop using it after the statement credit has run out. It is your responsibility to control your finances. I’m just giving you a chance to make free money.

How do I get My Free Money?

Just click on the link below. Open an account and after you get approved you’ll need to make a purchase within 3 months to earn the $100 credit.

Get Free Money Now

Note: You can even buy a gift card for yourself and earn that free $100 statement credit.

How do I earn more Free Money?

Once you have an account. You can now also refer your friends to join using your own referral link and earn a statement credit for yourself and your friend.

Remember to tell your friends to make a purchase within 3 months of opening their account to get the statement credit.

There is a maximum of $500 statement credit that you can earn. So you can refer 5 friends and you all get free money, win win.

Note: If you refer friends and earn statement credits that way, your statement credit might be taxable. So consult with your tax expert regarding referral credits.

Conclusion: $100 Free Offer

Referring people to open credit cards can be rewarding and you could earn faster than making money watching video ads on your phone.

Discover is a good credit card and I personally use their cashback credit card. This complements well with other cash back apps. Money saved is money earned for me.

Click here for Cashback apps…

Discover is my first credit card and I opened my account back in 2019 and I have used my card for groceries, gas and my other recurring plans like Netflix.

I started with $500 credit limit and now I am in the $4000 limit. I always pay off my card in full every month and I only buy what I can afford. So please be responsible for you own finances.

I hope you earn your free $100. Please let me know how the $100 could help you and your family and also let me know if this free offer works in the comment box below.

Give me Free $100

Thank you for reading my blog and I’ll see you guys on my next post.

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