Robinhood App 2020: Get A Free Stock Guide

Disclosure: Some links may contain referral links and I may be compensated for this.

In this post I will show you step by step how to get a free stock on Robinhood app.

Not only that, I will show you how you can earn even more free stocks up to $500 worth.

You read that right, it is Free. And who doesn’t love free stuff right?

I also started investing using the Robinhood investing app and I will tell you how my investment went for me.

I use Robinhood for investing in stocks and this was how I got started investing with stocks. I’ve learned a few things but I am no expert.

Robinhood has a mobile app and a website available for their users. In this post I will focus on the Robinhood investing app and how to get free stocks from the app.

How To Get Free Stock On Robinhood

Robinhood is a brokerage and they are giving new account owners a free stock.

To get your free stock from Robinhood, you need to create a new account using the link I provide in this post.

Disclosure: I also get a chance to earn a free stock when you join using my link.

After creating an account, you can refer your friends to sign up.

Your friends will receive a free stock when they join through your link. And I will show you how you can get this link.

Not only that, you will receive another free stock for each friend that you successfully refer to use the Robinhood app.

I opened my account a few years ago and I have referred 3 friends and I got a free share of stock for each of them.

The free stock from Robinhood are chosen randomly. So you could potentially get a free stock of Apple, Sprint or GE.

The free stocks I got were worth less than $10 each.

Robinhood Investing App:

The Robinhood app is available for both Android and iOS device users.

Robinhood app on Google Play has a star rating of 4.5 out of 5 with 5 million installs. It requires Android 6.0 Marshmallow and newer.

On the App Store, the Robinhood app has 4.8 stars out of 5 from 1 million ratings. It requires iOS 11.0 and watchOS 4.0 or later.

Currently, Robinhood doesn’t support tablets but has a chance that it may run.

It is free to download the Robinhood app.

Trading on the Robinhood investing app has no commission fees = free trades.

You do not need to maintain a minimum balance.

Robinhood App Individual Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years and up.
  • Must have a Social Security Number.
  • Must have a United States residential address.

How Does Robinhood Make Money?

From Robinhood Gold, Robinhood Gold is their monthly premium membership and there is a fee for using Robinhood Gold starting at $5 a month.

With Robinhood Gold you get access to after-hours trading, professional research reports, trade on margin which lets you borrow money to invest, and be able to make bigger instant deposits.

My Robinhood account is just the regular free account as I don’t really use the extra perks that Robinhood Gold provides.

Robinhood Free Stock Not Working:

There are a few complaints to Robinhood saying they didn’t get the free stock.

To get a free stock you need to sign up to Robinhood using a referral link. Without a referral link, Robinhood will not credit a free stock.

You also have to claim the free stock on the app. Once you join Robinhood from a referral link, you have 60 days to claim the reward before it expires.

Sometimes, you will need to update your Robinhood app to the latest version to be able to claim your reward.

When referring friends, you’ll need to check the Robinhood app. In my experience, Robinhood has not sent any notifications when my referrals signed up.

Is Robinhood App Safe?

If you want to know if Robinhood is legit? I can say that Robinhood is legit and I have been using their platform for a few years now.

If you are worried if Robinhood goes out of business, we should be able to cash out or transfer the shares when this happens.

If you are worried about Robinhood linking to your bank account: I also have this worry, so I did not link my main account to Robinhood. I used a secondary bank account that I use to test out investments.

Robinhood App Free Stock: How To Get A Free Stock Guide

Since I am using an Android device, I will be able to post screenshots from my Android device. Apple devices should have a similar looking option.

Step 1: Download Robinhood App

Click on the links below to download the Robinhood App on your device: Robinhood Trading App Download

Robinhood app download iOS
Robinhood app Android download

On Android devices, the link above should take you to a page that looks like the screen below.

robinhood app install

Tap the ‘Install‘ button to install the Robinhood app on your respective device.

Step 2: Sign In To Your Google Account

If you haven’t done this already, your device might ask you to sign in to your Google Account to download the Robinhood App.

If you use multiple devices for a Google Account like me, you might be asked to choose a device.

robinhood app choose device

Choose the device where you want to install the app and tap the ‘Continue‘ button.

Then you will need to re-enter your password as shown on the screenshot below.

robinhood app password

Tap ‘Ok‘ when you see a pop-up that is saying “Robinhood: Invest. Save. Earn. will be installed on your device soon.”

When you see that the button ‘Install‘ changes to ‘Installed‘ then you know that the Robinhood app was successfully installed on your device.

robinhood app installed

Step 3: Open The Robinhood App

Find the Robinhood app logo and tap it to open the app.

When you open the app you should see a screen like the one below.

robinhood app first open

Tap on ‘Get your free stock‘. You will then need to answer some questions to create your Robinhood account.

A last step should be setting up your PIN code. Never forget your password and your PIN code.

Note: Don’t forget to verify your email address. They should send that verification link to your email once you type it in.

robinhood app verified

Step 4: Claim Your Free Stock Share

This should be easy, you can tap this from the main screen of the app when you open the Robinhood app.

Or if you accidentally swiped this off. You can find it under the ‘Acounts‘ tab noted by red arrow on the screen below.

robinhood app free stocks

Then tap on ‘Free Stocks‘ as noted by the purple arrow on the screenshot above.

Step 5: Link Your Bank Account

After claiming your free stock you will need to link a bank account to be able to withdraw the money when you sell the stock.

You will also need to link a bank account if you decide you want to trade stocks using Robinhood to transfer money and fund your account.

This is how I get a free stock on Robinhood.

Step 6: Refer Friends To Earn More Shares

Same place when you claim your free stock shares, you have the option to invite friends.

You will earn a free stock up to $500 worth.

Each time a friend joins through your link, you and your friend will each get free stocks from Robinhood.

My Robinhood Account:

When I started investing with Robinhood about 2 years ago, I put in $500 to invest in stocks that I wanted. I invested in Disney and Bank of America.

As you can see in the screenshots, currently I have $664.69 in my account with $21.04 of buying power.

I never added any money to my account since I put in the initial $500.

I did get 3 free extra stocks from 3 friends that I referred to Robinhood and those are included in the current account balance that I have.

And the Free Stock shares that I got: (I’ll update this list, if I get more free stocks from Robinhood.)

1 share Chesapeake Energy
1 share Zynga
1 share Sprint

Using A Computer?

Click on the link below to read on how to get a free stock from Robinhood via a computer:

Robinhood Free Stock on Computer.

Get Your Free Stock Now:

Sign up with Robinhood today and get a free stock! I will get a free stock as well if you use my referral links in this post.

I thank you, if you join as one of my referrals. We both get free stocks so it is a win-win situation.

This is why having a blog is awesome. I get to share this kind of free stuff with a lot of people where everyone gets something for free.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, click this Free Training on How to Start a Blog.

Need Robinhood Customer Support?

You can contact Robinhood using the link below:


Robinhood app is a legit app where you can get free stock shares up to $500 worth. You also get zero commissions on trades and there are no minimums to keep your account.

Let me know what you think about the Robinhood app in the comments. Will you trade using the Robinhood App?

Also, if you don’t mind, let me know if you got a free share of a stock from Robinhood and what stock did you get?

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