Giftloop Review: Free Money Making App

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In this Giftloop review I will tell you what it is and show you how to earn and redeem free gift cards from this app. This Giftloop review will also show you just how much extra money you can potentially earn with this app. I will also answer the question if the Giftloop app is a scam.

What is Giftloop?

Giftloop is one of the newest money-making apps out there. It is available only on Android devices. They claim to have already given out about $3.4M of free money.

Giftloop is FREE to download and is always FREE to use. No credit card needed.

Click here to get started and register.

What Currency does Giftloop Use?

Every rewards app or site has their own currency or points system. Here is Giftloop’s:

Giftloop uses coins as their app currency. And the conversion is 20,000 coins for $1. The minimum amount to be able to redeem is 200,000 coins or $10.

Every time you complete any of the tasks mentioned below, you will earn a certain amount of coins. These coins can be exchanged for a gift card or PayPal cash. You can choose from a lot of gift cards available (eg. Amazon, Walmart, Target etc.)


The amount of coins you earn depends on the task that you complete. Most of the tasks will need interaction from the user. The only passive task in my opinion is through earning by charging your phone. If you consider unlocking your phone as passive, then you can add that to the passive tasks.

How Do I Earn on Giftloop?

Giftloop is a free mobile app that pays you for tasks that you can do daily on your mobile phone. You can earn through various ways, feel free to try earning with any offers that you may like:

1.) Charging your Phone and Earn
With Giftloop you can earn coins just by leaving your phone charged. In my experience, I earn 1 coin every minute with this task. If I leave my phone charged for a whole day (24 hours), I would get around 1440 coins. 1440 coins is equivalent to $0.072. This is a slow way to earn passively.


2.) Swipe, Click and Earn (eg. Meme’s, 7 Daily streak, etc.)
Within the app, you can view a slidescreen that shows you multiple ways to earn. You have to click the Swipe menu or icon in the bottom left screen then you can see offers (eg. app downloads, static ad screen, sign up offers etc.) You can choose to click and interact with an offer or skip it by swiping from right to left.

You can sometimes see cat memes that you can click to earn 5 coins. There is also a daily login that gives out 40 coins if you collect it on time. When you login to the app daily consecutively for 7 days you get 3,000 bonus coins. That’s how you can earn free money just by swiping, clicking and using your phone using Giftloop.

I’ve tried collecting the 5 coin memes as much as I can in a day and I noticed that this task will cap off at 2,005 coins. This means that if I reach that amount of coins in a day, I can no longer earn from clicking and collecting 5 coins from any cat memes. I can still click the memes but there’s no coins awarded.

3.) Doing Surveys
I don’t really do surveys anymore. They are not passive and most of them pay very little for your time spent. I also don’t qualify for a lot of surveys, I don’t know why.

Quick Tip: Enable your location and Giftloop will match you with quick personalized surveys that pays $0.50 each!

4.) Downloading Apps
This is probably the fastest and the best way to earn from this app as there are app download offers that can reach up to 10,000 coins. This is the most efficient way to earn from Giftloop, but it is not passive and some gaming apps needs you to reach certain levels before you get your coins.

You can access the app download offers in the “Swipe” menu or in the “Choose” menu.


5.) Inviting Friends to use the App
Giftloop rewards users for referring friends to use the app. You’ll earn 1,000 coins when your friend signs up using your unique link. Your friend will also receive 1000 coins for this. You can also earn 10,000 more coins once your friend earns their first 10,000 coins. You could potentially make 11,000 coins per friend invited. 11,000 coins is equivalent to $0.55.

If you want to be my referral, click here.
Thank you, I appreciate it if you join me.

6.) Unlocking Your Phone and Earn
After installing the app, ads will start to appear on your lock screen. You can swipe from right to left to interact with the ad or swipe from left to right to dismiss it and unlock your phone. You’ll earn 50, 75, or 100 coins for each swipe. Also note that there is a waiting time before you can unlock and earn coins again.


7.) Watch Videos and Earn
Earning by watching videos on the app will pay 100 coins for the first video of the day and also for the bonus videos, then it will reduce to 25 to 50 coins for each video.

This is not passive as you would need to Close each advertisement video you watch and the next video does not play automatically. Also, there is a maximum limit of 8 videos per day as I tested this task on the “Choose” menu. So you can get around 450 coins total for completing this task. 450 coins is around $0.02. This is how much you can possibly earn by watching 30 to 60 sec advertisements on Giftloop.

I also noticed you get additional videos to watch on the “Swipe” menu, but it is also limited and will eventually run out. You can earn 50 coins per video watched this way.

The maximum videos I can watch in total for a day is 16 and usually I get 750 to 800 coins for all of those watched videos. 800 coins is equivalent to $0.04.


8.) Bonuses
There is a “Bonus” menu that lets you earn more coins from doing any of the tasks listed. There is a daily login of 40 coins, daily prize draw, watch video bonus worth 100 coins, special app install bonus, mega bonus for surveys (750 coins), and a giga bonus if you complete any ‘More’ task (1,000 coins).

Earn 3000 extra coins daily when you complete all the offers in the “Bonus” section. You get 100-1000 coins on top of the earnings for completing an offer.

How to cash out on Giftloop?

When you reach a minimum of 200,000 coins equivalent to $10 in your account you can cash out for a gift card of your choosing or you can send the money directly to your PayPal account (minimum 300,000 coins worth $15 for PayPal cash out). You can also choose to donate your earned cash if you like.

You can access this on the “Gifts” menu near the bottom right.


You can check your earnings history to see in which task you earned the most coins with. Use that information to earn more effectively.

Is Giftloop A Scam?

Giftloop is definitely not a scam, it is a legitimate app where you can earn money for free. Giftloop never fails to pay and they will pay within 5 business days. It’s just hard to get to the minimum payout which is 200,000 coins.


Giftloop is a legit app to earn free money online by using your Android mobile phone.

Always choose the high paying tasks to earn efficiently and reach the payout faster. You can do everything mentioned above to earn the most coins. You can also do the tasks while waiting or while watching television and have some fun in your spare time while earning extra cash or extra money at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review of the Giftloop app!

Thank you so much for reading. Have fun earning with Giftloop!

Giftloop Updates:

November 2019 – There are new gift cards added to the Giftloop store: A $5 Walmart gift card and Visa gift cards ($5, $100 and $1,000 Visa gift cards).

There is also now a $1 Amazon gift card that you can get for 30,000 coins and $5 Amazon gift card for 100,000 coins.

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