Top 5 Free Apps That Pay You Money For Scanning Grocery Receipts in 2020

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In this post I tell you about my top 5 grocery scanning apps where you can earn free cash back from grocery purchases.

These apps are free to install and download, most of these apps will even hand out free cash when you join the first time and complete a receipt offer.

Some of the offers can be stacked, so if you can install multiple apps, there is a chance you can earn double cash back on an offer.

Using these grocery scanning apps you are able to save hundreds of dollars from your groceries per year.

You can get what you need and easily earn cash back on grocery receipts.

I will tell you if the app is available on Android, iOS or both.

All of these apps are working in the US and I don’t know if they work in any other countries. If they do, I will mention it in the post below.

Quick List of the Top 5 Free Apps That Pay You For Scanning Receipts:

  • Ibotta – Free $10 sign up bonus.
  • Fetch Rewards – $2 bonus when you enter code: A37WC
  • Shopkick – Free $1 using Shopkick code: WIN162411
  • ReceiptPal – Lots of bonuses and I’ll tell you more in the post below.
  • Checkout 51 – Free $5 bonus.
  • More Apps for Cash Back…

Top 5 Apps That Pay You To Scan Receipts:

1. Ibotta

Sign Up Bonus: Free $10 after redeeming your first branded product offer.

ibotta cash out

Ibotta is one of the most popular receipt scanning apps out there. This app is available for Android and iOS.

The way Ibotta works is you get to choose which retailer and product offers you want to purchase.

You will then need to perform a minor task like watching a short advertisement before the offer is added to your offer list.

You will then need to purchase the product in store and don’t forget to save the receipt.

Then take a picture of the receipt and upload it throught the Ibotta app. You will then earn cash back up to $5, depending on the product offer you chose.

If you don’t want to take pictures of your receipts, there is an option to link your rewards card to Ibotta. This option links your Ibotta account to your retailer rewards account, and if you make a purchase of a valid offer through the retailer you’ll get cash back automatically.

Another way to get cash back is by shopping online through the Ibotta app.

Read our Ibotta guide.

Join Ibotta.

2. Fetch Rewards

Bonus Code: Free $2 when you enter A37WC

fetch rewards download

Fetch Rewards works just like Ibotta where you need to take a picture of the receipt to earn cash.

The Fetch Rewards app is available for both Android and iOS.

Unlike Ibotta, there is no need to verify product offers with the Fetch Rewards app.

As long as you buy the product that is shown on the list from their app, you will earn your cash back.

The offers are limited but they update the list once in a while, so be sure to check the app if there is a product that you need to buy.

You earn points for each receipt you submit. Then you earn bonus points for each branded product you buy from their list.

You can exchange the points you earned for gift cards in the app.

Read our Fetch Rewards guide.

Join Fetch Rewards.

3. Shopkick

Sign Up Code: Get free $1 when you enter WIN162411

shopkick rewards app

Shopkick is another popular cash back app available for iOS and Android.

There are a lot of ways to earn on Shopkick. One of the ways to make money works similar to Ibotta and Fetch.

Shopkick also has a list of product offers specific for the store where you shop in.

The offers are very limited, and this is why I could never use this earning method from Shopkick.

Checkout the offers from each store and decide for yourself if you want to keep the Shopkick app for scanning receipts.

As I mentioned, there are other ways to earn and that’s why I still have the Shopkick app installed on my main phone.

To learn how to earn from Shopkick…

Read our Shopkick guide.

Join Shopkick.

4. ReceiptPal

Bonuses: Free points for cash when you confirm your email and link this same email to your ReceiptPal account. Free bonus points when you link your Amazon account to ReceiptPal.

ReceiptPal is available for iOS and Android phones. Other devices like iPads or tablets are currently not supported.

With Receipt Pal you upload grocery receipts and this will earn you points.

In my experience with the Receipt Pal app, for every 4 grocery receipts I submit I would get 100 points.

There is no need to redeem and verify product offers, you just take a picture of your receipt.

It will take a while before you can redeem as the minimum amount to redeem is around 2,200 points for a $5 Amazon gift card. But this depends on how often you shop and how many receipts you can submit.

And you need to unlock this reward by connecting a valid email address with ReceiptPal for 30 days.

Join ReceiptPal.

5. Checkout 51

Sign Up Bonus: Free $0.50 after redeeming first offer in the app. Use my link below and get $5 free instead of $0.50.

checkout 51 sign up

Checkout 51 is available for iOS and Android.

Checkout 51 is an app just like Ibotta, where you need to redeem product offers to earn cash back from your receipt.

You also need to scan in your receipt to earn with the Checkout 51 app.

Offers are limited in my experience. I often redeem more offers from Ibotta. But new offers come in every Thursday.

You need to redeem your chosen offers within the week before the new offers come.

Checkout 51 is also available in Canada.

Read our Checkout 51 guide.

Join Checkout 51.

Other Cash Back Apps:

I will list below some other great rewards apps for earning cash back on groceries this 2020.

And if you are making a grocery haul to stock up on essential items in this pandemic situation, it is good to save extra cash back on those runs.

Best part, the apps are free to use. Some will even give you some money to register with them when you redeem your first cash back offer.

6. Rakuten

Sign Up Bonus: Free $10 after your first purchase of at least $25.

Rakuten is previously known as Ebates and it is available via app or through their website.

The Rakuten app is available for Android and iOS users.

Rakuten has partnered with thousands of retailers where you as a member can earn up to 40% cash back for online purchases.

You can also link a credit card to your Rakuten account to earn in-store cash back when you use the linked card.

Using Lyft often? You can also get cash back on your Lyft rides through Rakuten.

Read our Rakuten guide.

Join Rakuten.

7. Receipt Hog

Available for both Android and iOS.

Receipt Hog is so simple, just scan grocery receipts and earn cash back.

You get points called ‘coins’ for your receipts and you can exchange these coins for an Amazon gift card or PayPal cash through the app.

Important thing to note is that there is a waiting list to

Read our Receipt Hog guide.

Join Receipt Hog.

8. Pei

Sign Up Code: Free $2.50 when you enter ASMMPTS

Pei is another cash back app that you can use for grocery shopping this 2020. This app is available for iOS and Android devices.

The Pei app works by linking a card to your Pei account and use that card to one of Pei’s partner merchants and earn cash back.

The cash back takes a while to reflect on your Pei account. It will be in pending status until it gets approved.

I usually get cash backs from McDonald’s, Target and Trader Joe’s using Pei.

Pei has a really high minimum cash out at $25 and you can cash out via PayPal cash, Bitcoin, or gift cards.

Read our Pei guide.

Join Pei.

9. Drop

Sign Up Code: Free $5 from Drop app when you enter 2i36p after linking a card to the app.

Drop is a cashback app similar to the Pei app.

It is the same process of linking a card and using the card at Drop’s partnered stores and earning cash back.

One big difference between Pei and Drop is that with Drop you can only choose 2 stores where you can earn cash back from.

I chose Target and Trader Joe’s to stack the cash back that I earn from the Pei app to Drop.

Read our Drop guide.

Join Drop.

Final Thoughts: My Top 5 Free Apps That Pay You Money For Scanning Grocery Receipts in 2020

All the apps above are good for earning cash back for your groceries. You can use more than one app to stack savings and earn more cash back.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post about apps that pay you to scan grocery receipts.

I will update this post as I try new receipt scanning apps that come out so be sure to check back often.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or if you want to share your experience with any of the above apps.

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