CheckPoints App Review: How I Earn


CheckPoints App Review

Hello everyone, in this CheckPoints App Review I will tell you what the CheckPoints App is and how to earn from the CheckPoints App. I will also post updates at the bottom of the post.

What is CheckPoints App?

CheckPoints is one of the applications on my Android device that I use to earn extra money in the form of free Amazon gift cards.

I am in the U.S. and this application really works and I have been redeeming gift cards with this application. I am not sure if this is available in any other countries.

The CheckPoints App is free to download and install. CheckPoints App is available for Android and iOS devices

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How I Earn with CheckPoints App:

I use 2 ways to earn on CheckPoints.

1.) I watch movie trailers. Watching movie trailers will earn you points which you can use to get Amazon gift cards. This is the most passive way. The videos should play continuously and should play advertisements in between.

I think you can use a maximum of 10 devices for a single account in one household running videos at the same time with CheckPoints. This is my main way to earn points.

CheckPoints in my opinion has the most stable watch to earn section in all applications that I use in a sense that it does not crash very often. However, CheckPoints also has a very slow earning potential per day.

2.) I check-in to places near me. You do not have to go to the place to check-in, you just need to be near the place. (Note: You need to turn on your device location for this to work.) Each check-in will give you 2 points.

I think you can only have a maximum of 6 check-ins in a day (a total of 12 points). You also need to wait at least a minute in between check-ins for it to be valid. I live in a rural town so I only get 1 to 2 places to check-in.

If you are in the city you get a lot of places to check-in and can easily get to the maximum check-in points in a day easily. There are also automatic check-ins that are worth 20 points each if you walk in certain stores. I usually get the automatic check-in when I enter Walmart.

Another way to earn is to scan bar codes of specific items from specific stores that are listed in the application. I do not earn via this method, it is too tedious and I always forget to check my phone when I shop.

Redeeming on the CheckPoints App:

Checkpoints has one of the fastest cash outs in all the applications that I use. I usually just cash out 335 points to get a free $1 Amazon gift card.

You will then receive an email of your gift card instantly in your inbox. I just copy the Amazon gift card code and paste it in my Amazon account (redeem gift card section).

335 points = $1 Amazon gift card

How To Join CheckPoints:

Install the free application. Click the link for your respective device to download and install the CheckPoints App.

For Android users Click here.

For iOS device users Click here.

Open the CheckPoints app and go through the tutorial.

After the tutorial, go ahead and tap the “Create Account” button as shown on the screenshot below.


You can sign up using Facebook or with an email address. Do not forget to verify your account.


Go ahead and sign in to your CheckPoints account using your Username or Email and Password.


If you do need a bonus code you can use mine which is nathaniel826

I will also earn points if you enter my code above. This is another way to earn using the CheckPoints app. If you invite friends and family to join CheckPoints and they use your bonus code, you will receive 100% of the points they earn for 2 weeks.


Bonus codes will give you extra points to start with. Bonus codes for CheckPoints app can be put in for extra points when you first register and create a CheckPoints account.

Note: You cannot input a bonus code at any other time except when you first create your  CheckPoints account.

If you do not have a CheckPoints bonus code, use mine above and we both get free points.

Have fun earning with CheckPoints!

Questions? Click here. Or comment it down below.


April 2019: It has been a while since I updated this blog post. The watch section of the app has gone dead. I consistently watch trailers but there’s just no points added and I think it is due to the ads.

The app hasn’t been showing me ads anymore. No ads means no points awarded to my CheckPoints account. Now I only earn mainly from the store check-ins.

October 2019: The latest update of the CheckPoints app is giving me 20 points for check-ins which is really cool. I now earn more points because of this.

I can check-in about 5 times a day which is equal to 100 points.

Another way to Really Earn Online:

You can earn from CheckPoints, but the earnings is very small and it won’t be enough to leave your job. There is another way to earn passively online.

Learn how to make a full-time income online. This method has the potential to let you leave your 9 to 5 and earn full-time online. Learn more by clicking this link!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Send me an email at click this link!

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Disclosure: Some links may contain referral links and I may be compensated for this.

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