Passively Earning with CheckPoints


Checkpoints is another one of the applications I use to earn extra money. I am in the US and this application really works and I have been redeeming gift cards with this application. I am not sure if this is available in any other countries.


How I Earn:

I use 2 ways to earn on Checkpoints.

1.) I watch movie trailers. Watching movie trailers will earn you points which you can use to get Amazon gift cards. This is the most passive way. The videos should play continuously and should play advertisements in between. I think you can use a maximum of 10 devices for a single account in one household running videos at the same time with Checkpoints. This is my main way to earn points. Checkpoints in my opinion has the most stable watch to earn section in all applications that I use in a sense that it does not crash very often. However, Checkpoints also has a very slow earning potential per day.

2.) I check in to places near me. You do not have to go to the place to check in, you just need to be near the place. (Note: You need to turn on your device location for this to work.) Each check in will give you 2 points. I think you can only have a maximum of 5 check ins in a day (a total of 10 points). You also need to wait at least a minute in between check ins for it to be valid. I live in a rural town so I only get 1 to 2 places to check in. If you are in the city you get a lot of places to check in. There are also automatic check ins that are worth 20 points if you walk in certain stores. I usually get the automatic check in when I enter Walmart.

Another way to earn is to scan barcodes of specific items from specific stores that are listed in the application. I do not earn via this method.


Checkpoints has one of the fastest cashouts in all the applications that I use. I usually just cashout 335 points to get $1 of Amazon gift card. You will then receive an email of your gift card instantly. I just copy the Amazon gift card code and paste it in my Amazon account (redeem gift card section).

To Join:
Install the free application. Click the link for your respective device or copy and paste the link on your browser.

For Android users

For Iphone users

Open the app and go through the tutorial.

After the tutorial, go ahead and tap Create Account.


You can sign up using Facebook or with an email address. Do not forget to verify your account.


Go ahead and log in to your account.


If you do need a bonus code you can use mine which is nathaniel826


Bonus codes will give you extra points to start with. Bonus codes can be input for extra points when you first register to your CheckPoints account. Note that you cannot input a bonus code at any other time except when you first create your account.
If you do not have a code use mine and we both get points.

Have fun earning with CheckPoints!

Questions? Click here. Or comment it down below.


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