CashMagnet App Review: Passive Income App

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CashMagnet – earn money & gift card App Review

In this blog post I will review an android app called CashMagnet. I have used this app and it is really completely passive to use. I will write what CashMagnet is about, how to earn and redeem from CashMagnet app, and also I will tell you if CashMagnet is a scam or legit. Let’s begin.

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What is CashMagnet App?

CashMagnet is a mobile app only available for Android devices. You can download the CashMagnet app for free from the Google Play Store. It is an app made by GameProd Entertainment and they claim that you can earn money by using their app on your device (old or new). All you need to do is download, install, create an account, launch the CashMagnet app and redeem your rewards.

CashMagnet is available worldwide. But the best earning rates are from users living in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and countries from EU.

CashMagnet App Requirements:

The minimum device requirement to run CashMagnet app is Android 4.4.4 and higher. It is also recommended to have at least 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of device storage available. You’ll need wi-fi to run the CashMagnet app and earn points.

How Many Devices Can I Run?

The limit is 4 phones per IP address.

How To Earn On CashMagnet App? Easy step by step guide:

Step 1: Download and Install the CashMagnet App by clicking this link.

cashmagnet google play

Step 2: Open the CashMagnet App and create your account.

Step 3: Log in to your account. Enter my referral code if you want to use it. Inviting friends to use your referral code is another way to earn from CashMagnet App. If you use my code we both earn bonus points. We both win.

My referral code is: 2SbNfz

Step 4: Go to the “Games” section located on the lower left portion of the screen. Tap it and install the games. Install as much games as your device storage can handle. After you install a game you get bonus points (I think 20 points for each game you install). Installing games will increase your passive time.

Step 5: Go back to the home screen by tapping on the blue round “Home” button on the mid bottom part of the screen. Then tap the “Start” button below your balance or your accumulated points. Your phone will run on its own (browsing sites and opening the games you installed) and start earning you points every 5 minutes.

Note: There is a level system in CashMagnet App, you would also get bonus points as you gain levels. To gain levels you need to achieve certain goals in the app such as installing a certain number of games and attaining a certain amount of passive screen time.

Redeeming from CashMagnet App:

The CashMagnet App uses points for currency and these points can be converted to PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin or Ethereum. About 1000 points is equal to $1.00. The minimum amount you can cash out is at 5500 points for $5 PayPal cash.

It is important to note that there is a delay in getting the cash outs. Expect the cash out to arrive within a month. I received all my payments within the week I redeemed. I usually cash out with a $10 Amazon gift card.

Amazon gift card:
10,000 points = $10
24,000 points = $25

5,500 points = $5
10,500 points = $10
26,000 points = $25
51,500 points = $50

From the Home screen, tap on the 3 horizontal bars located on the top left part of the screen. A menu should pop up, tap on “Redeem”.

Is CashMagnet App Scam or Legit?

The CashMagnet App is legit and they do pay. I have received all the Amazon gift cards that I cashed out. It does take time to get to the $10 Amazon gift card cash out minimum. This app is truly a passive money earner.

The amount earned will not be that much but it is free money for using old phones that are just collecting dust. In my experience, using 2 phones on Level 3 earning for 24 hours will make me about 300 to 500 points.

Running the CashMagnet app will heat up my phones and I noticed that it would drain the battery faster, so its better to have the phones plugged in. I also have a small fan directed at the phones to help cool it a little.

The CashMagnet app crashes a lot and it is important to install the latest updates.

I hope you liked reading my review of the CashMagnet App.

Get free access to the CashMagnet App by clicking this link!

See you on my next cash app review.


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Lucktastic App Review: Lucktastic Scam or Legit?

Lucktastic Review

Hello everyone, in this Lucktastic App Review blog post, I will tell you what the Lucktastic App is, how to make money from Lucktastic App, and if Lucktastic is legit or scam.

What is Lucktastic App?

Lucktastic App is an app made for people who likes to win prizes for scratching cards. Lucktastic app is made by Jump Ramp Games Inc. The Lucktastic app is free to download and install.

The Lucktastic app is available for Android and iOS device users. Lucktastic also has a website available, but you cannot scratch cards from their website. You’ll need to download the app on your mobile device to be able to scratch cards.

Lucktastic is only available to residents living in the US.

Within the Lucktastic app you can earn cash (green dollar sign) or tokens (yellow coins). Cash is cash, but for tokens, you can redeem these tokens for various rewards within the app.

I usually redeem via Amazon gift cards. I will write about the redemption conversion for Amazon gift cards in the redeeming section below.

How does Lucktastic Earn Money?

Lucktastic earns by showing video advertisements (ads). When you play a scratch card, a short video ad will play before or after you can start scratching a scratch card.

The company advertised on the video will pay Lucktastic to show their video ads to the Lucktastic users. Essentially, the ads are necessary to keep the Lucktastic app running for free.

Download the Lucktastic App

It is easy to earn from Lucktastic app. To get started with Lucktastic, download the app. Downloading the Lucktastic app is free. You don’t have to pay for anything.

Click here to download the Lucktastic App. If you are on your PC, after clicking the link, scroll to the bottom page and send the app to your phone.

After the download, tap the Lucktastic logo to open the app. It will ask you for your zip code before you can create an account. Create your free account and put in your preferred log in details.

lucktastic log in

After making an account. Go ahead and log in to your account within the Lucktastic app. Lucktastic will ask for your registered email address and password to be able to log in as shown on the screenshot below.

lucktastic log in 2

Below is a screenshot of the Lucktastic app home screen.

Lucktastic home

How to Make Money from Lucktastic App?

Below is a list of ways you can earn with the Lucktastic App:
1. Scratch Cards
In the home screen of the app, you can find all of the scratch cards. You can see what you will be able to win (either tokens or cash) with each scratch cards.

Tap on the scratch card to start playing the game. The way it works is, you match 3 of the colored picture or image. You win the price if you match all 3 from the scratch card.

There is a bonus within each scratch card. You earn whatever is in the bonus portion of the scratch card. Usually you get tokens in the bonus.

After scratching, you see a screen like the screenshot below. Just tap on the “CLAIM” button and the tokens will be added to your Lucktastic token account.

lucktastic claim

You can win either cash or tokens from the scratch cards.

Note: There are scratch cards that needs to be unlocked. You need to do one extra step before you would be able to scratch the locked card. An example are the cards you could unlock for liking Lucktastic on their social media platforms or for sharing Lucktastic on your FB personal account. I’ll list more of the locked cards below.

There is a VIP section in Lucktastic. You can increase your VIP level by doing a certain number of scratch cards and by downloading a certain number of other apps within the Lucktastic app. You can locate the VIP section on the top part of the home screen.

It takes a lot of luck to win any of the cash prizes. You can most likely win only in the “25 tokens” and “50 tokens” scratch card. And by “win” I mean was able to match 3 colored pictures on a scratch card.

2. Daily Rewards from Lucktastic
Access “Daily Reward” tab on the top of the home screen, as circled on the screenshot below. You get bonus tokens for every day you successively play scratch in the Lucktastic app.

Lucktastic daily rewards

For the first 4 days you successively open and play on the Lucktastic app, you get an increasing number of bonus tokens. On the 5th day you would get a mystery reward. In my experience, the mystery reward is just more bonus tokens.

3. Refer your friends to Lucktastic
Lucktastic will pay you to refer your friends to Lucktastic. You send your referral link to your friends and you would get 1000 tokens for each friend that joins Lucktastic through your invitation link.

lucktastic share 2

4. Other Ways to Earn Tokens on Lucktastic
There are more ways to earn tokens. You can take surveys, install apps, watch video ads, and try offers from Lucktastic partners.

You can access this by tapping on the 4 leaf clover on the top left part of the home screen. A screen should pop up, choose “Get More Tokens” from the list of options.

lucktastic get more tokens

From the offers listed, I only tried the “WATCH VIDEOS” option. Each video ad would last for about a minute and you will earn 5 tokens for each video ad you watch.

This method is not passive. You need to cancel, hit the back button, or tap the “x” after each video finishes. The videos will not load automatically for you.

lucktastic watch video

Cards to Unlock in Lucktastic: Locked Scratch Cards from Lucktastic and How to Unlock them
1. To unlock the $5,000.00 scratch card in Lucktastic, you must play at least one scratch card a day for four consecutive days. On the 4th day of consecutive play, the $5,000.00 card will become available to you forever.

2. To unlock the $10,000.00 scratch card, you have to play a total of 150 scratch cards.

3. To unlock the $25 social media scratch card, you need to like Lucktastic on the social media page by clicking the card. After liking Lucktastic, go back to the Lucktastic app (without closing it completely) and the $25 scratch card will be available for you to play.

Redeeming from the Lucktastic App:

1. Redeeming Cash from Lucktastic
Currently, there are 3 ways to redeem the cash earned or won through Lucktastic. You can either get a gift card, have a check mailed to you, or get a Visa prepaid card as shown in the screenshot below.

You can access the screen below by tapping on the 4 leaf clover on the upper left of the screen and then tap “Redeem Cash” from the pop up that appears.

lucktastic redeem cash

2. Redeeming Tokens from Lucktastic
You can redeem your tokens for rewards. If you tap on the 4 leaf clover and choose “Get Gift Cards” from the pop up menu, you can see multiple rewards available in exchange for your earned tokens.

The only reward that is worth it in my opinion is the $5 Amazon gift card. You can get the $5 Amazon gift card for 30,000 tokens as shown on the screenshot below.

lucktastic instant rewards

30,000 tokens = $5 Amazon gift card

Is Lucktastic App Legit?

So far with me playing the Lucktastic App I have not been lucky and so far have not yet won any of the cash prizes. I started in early 2018 and I have scratched more than a thousand cards already.

So, I cannot say if the cash rewards for the Lucktastic App is real or not. The app shows that there are cash winners as shown in the screenshot below.

lucktastic recent winners

I have earned a lot of tokens using the app. And whenever I can, I’d get the $5 Amazon gift card. It takes a while to win 30,000 tokens. Using the tokens as basis, I would say that the Lucktastic app is legit and not a scam. When I redeem my tokens, Lucktastic has always sent me my Amazon gift card.

So that is what I think of the Lucktastic App. It is for people who enjoy playing scratch cards. It is a free app and you can definitely earn free gift cards scratching cards with the Lucktastic App. Sadly I have not been lucky enough to win any of the cash scratch cards, but if ever I win, I will update this post.

I tried to earn tokens by watching videos, but it is boring and I think that playing the scratch cards will be better and more fun to do. With the Lucktastic App, you can now play scratch cards anytime on your mobile device as long as you have reliable data or wifi available.

You can earn some free gift cards with the Lucktastic app, it will take a long time and you need to be very patient. You will not make a lot though, unless you win a big cash prize. There is a very very low chance to win any cash prize.

If you do not enjoy playing scratch cards and watching ads, you might want to skip this app.

Thank you for reading my review of the Lucktastic App. I hope you liked my Lucktastic App review.

You can download the Lucktastic App by clicking this link.

Lucktastic Hack 2019?

I have been looking for a working Lucktastic cheats or hack online. I looked for Lucktastic hack for android or iOS, windows mobile or any Lucktastic generator out there.

Unfortunately, there is no Lucktastic hack or cheat that is available online. These fake Lucktastic generators online just doesn’t work.

And if you find one online, just avoid wasting your time on filling out the surveys for those kinds of websites, they just won’t work.

Another App To Try:

If you want to make money without having to rely on luck, try using the Swagbucks mobile applications. You can cash out at $3.00 for an Amazon gift card and there is a sign up bonus that you can get for free just for joining. There’s a lot of offers to do to earn cash.

With Swagbucks it is possible to earn more than $1 per day. That is $30+ per month.

Learn how to earn with Swagbucks by clicking this link.

Apps not making enough money for you? There is another way to earn money online. Continue to read below.

Another Way To Really Make Money Online:

There is an opportunity for you to make money online from home in a legit way besides doing Lucktastic or any other apps.

If done right you might even be able to quit your job and earn full time just by following this free training.

If you are interested about this opportunity click this link.


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Swagbucks Bonus 2019: Get Free Gift Cards

In this blog post I will tell you what Swagbucks is, how to sign up, how to get 300 bonus SBs, and if Swagbucks is legit or not.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an online rewards program where you can earn SwagBucks (their currency or points system) and redeem them for gift cards or cash (eg. PayPal). There are a lot of ways to earn SBs (SwagBucks). They state that they have given out almost $300+ million in rewards already.

swagbucks home

It is absolutely Free to join Swagbucks. Join Swagbucks and you can earn FREE gift cards.

How to get 300 Bonus SwagBucks?

Earn extra 300 SBs bonus for joining this money making app or site. To earn the extra 300 SBs, join today as my referral by clicking this link and earn 300 SBs this month. Earning 300 SBs is easy and I have a semi passive way on doing that and I will teach you how in a link down below.

Join Swagbucks for Free now and get $10 as Sign Up Bonus.

swagbucks sign up

When you earn the 300 bonus SBs, I also get 300 bonus SBs. We both win! That’s why I want you to earn your bonus SBs.

There is also a $10 sign up bonus when you join Swagbucks. You can only get this Swagbucks sign up bonus when you first join or when you are a new member.

After signing up, log in to your Swagbucks account and start earning SBs through various offers available on the Swagbucks website.

If you want to learn on how I earn, click this link.

With my method above, it should be easy to earn your first 300 SBs for the month and get an extra 300 SBs as bonus.

swagbucks gift cards

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Swagbucks is a legitimate site to earn free gift cards or PayPal cash. I have done this since 2017 and Swagbucks always send me my rewards or my free gift cards that I redeem.

I usually choose Amazon gift cards as payment. Swagbucks also has a low threshold for cashing out, that’s why I love earning some SBs.

Want A FREE Stock?

That is right, it is FREE. There is even a chance you could get a stock like Amazon, Apple, or Tesla. Give me my Free Stock now!

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Money Making Apps 2019

Here let me show you what are the best money making apps in 2019. I still use these money making apps and it is making me a small extra income every day. I love to earn by watching advertisements because it requires less effort to do, compared to doing other offers (which are usually spammy) and answering surveys.

I also like to get paid for things that I already do, like shopping and playing games or unlocking my phone. There is also an app that pays you just for having it installed on your phone, but they collect your phone and browser data. Be sure to try any one of these money making apps to make money for free this 2019.

1. Inboxdollars


Make money online with InboxDollars. It is free to join plus you get a $5 sign up bonus. Earn money reading emails, watching videos and shopping online.

This is working in the US. I have no idea if it works in any other country.

You will get FREE $5 just for signing up and they also give extra cents for completing your profile on their website.

The only thing I hate is that you need $30 to cashout.

They also pay you to open emails daily.

Watching videos from their website is the best way to earn.

You can also earn by referring your friends to join.

Inboxdollars is legit and I have earned money from them. Please note that some offers will spam your email address and for surveys to work you have to give out your personal information.

For more information on how to get to $30 quickly click this link.

2. Earnably


It is still pretty decent to earn from this money making website. I usually make $5 every month by watching videos on my laptop.

For more information, click this link.

3. Ibotta

download (2)

This is a cashback app you can install on your mobile device. Ibotta gives cashback for doing grocery. How it works is that you need to find grocery items in their app that has cashback. Then you purchase those items in-store. You then scan the receipt and you get the amount of $ listed as cashback for purchasing the item/s.

Click here to learn more.

4. Slidejoy

download (3)

Slidejoy is a lockscreen app. It pays you to unlock your phone screen. They use your phone lock screen to run advertisements and in turn pay you to run those ads.

Install this app by clicking this link.

5. Smore’s


Another lockscreen app similar to SlideJoy. What I like about it is that they give a fixed amount of points everyday. They give out 10 points every day which is equal to $0.10 if converted to an Amazon gift card.

Register for an account by clicking this link.

6. Robinhood


This is an app for investing money in the stock market. If you are an investing pro, feel free to try it out.

Join using my link and we both get a free stock! That’s free money and we both get it so it’s a win win situation.

For more information on getting a free stock click this link.

7. Swagbucks Mobile Applications

swagbucks apps

Earn money on Swagbucks by watching videos on your mobile device. There are multiple other ways to earn on their website. You can do surveys, print coupons, cashback, offers, swag codes, install a browser extension, shop online, etc.

There is a free $10 sign up bonus when you join. Another bonus if you install this SwagButton. There is another $3 bonus when you earn 300 SBs on your first month upon signing up, you can easily do this by doing the method on the link below.

If you love earning through Swagbucks, this is one of the best methods to earn money from your devices. Click here to learn more.

8. Ebates is now known as Rakuten – Rakuten Ebates

ebates logo 2

Ebates now Rakuten is a free to download app available on Android and iOS. They also have a website. Rakuten Ebates gives their users some cash back for shopping online.

Rakuten Ebates has partnered with a lot of retailers and these retailers gives Rakuten Ebates a commission if anyone buys through their app/website. Rakuten Ebates then shares a percentage of the commission to their users.

If you shop online frequently, join Rakuten Ebates and save some money.

Click here to learn more about Rakuten Ebates.

9. Nielsen Mobile App

unnamed (2)

This is an app that pays you just for having it installed on your device. You can potentially earn around $50 in a year with this app. The best thing about this app is that you just set it up and leave it running and that’s it, you earn money.

The only caveat is that they will collect your data. If you don’t mind that your data is being collected then this app is what you want to earn some extra money totally free.

Click this link to learn more about the Nielsen Mobile App.

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300 SB Bonus for Swagbucks! August 2018


Earn extra 300 SBs (SwagBucks) bonus for joining. To earn the extra 300 SBs, join today as my referral by clicking this link and earn 300 SBs this month. Earning 300 SBs is easy and I have a semi passive way on doing that and I will teach you how in a link down below.

After signing up, log in to your account and start earning SBs through various offers available on their website. If you want to learn on how I earn click this link. With my method, it should be easy to earn that 300 SBs needed and get extra 300 SBs as bonus.


Swagbucks is a legitimate site to earn free cash/giftcards. I have done this since 2017 and Swagbucks always paid. I usually choose Amazon Giftcards as payment.

This is also one of the ways I was able to save up enough Amazon gift cards to buy a new laptop for free last 2017.

Disclosure: Some of these links are referral links and I may receive compensation for this.

Free Fender FA-100 Guitar from Amazon

My Free Fender FA-100 Guitar:

I have played the guitar before. I know a few chords and some songs to play. I have owned 2 guitars before, both of them were gifts from my parents.

The first guitar was stolen. The second guitar was broken to the point that you can’t tune one of the strings on it, so I did not bring it with me when I came to America.

The Accident:

Last year, I had surgery on my right wrist. A plate and some screws were placed. I also dislocated my right elbow.

Now I have recovered some functions in my right hand and I wanted to try to play the guitar again. This could help me regain some fine motor skills for my injured hand. But first, I need a guitar.

I Have Free Amazon Gift Cards:

I have saved a few of my free Amazon gift cards that I have earned from the apps and websites I use. Then I started searching for a guitar on the Amazon store.

I am no guitar expert, so I do not know what to look for in a new guitar. All I wanted was an acoustic guitar that has a brand that I know with steel strings. I only know a few guitar brands: like Yamaha, Fender and Ibanez.

Then I found the Fender FA-100 acoustic guitar. I was looking at a bundle of the FA-100 on Amazon. It has a tuner, 3 guitar picks, strap, strings and a gig bag.

It had a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with 472 customer reviews and it is also an Amazon’s Choice item, so I decided that it will be a good guitar to start playing again.

There were 4 different colors/designs available and I liked the black colored guitar.

Screenshot 2018-07-18 16.12.20

Together with the guitar I also bought a guitar capo and a Lodge silicon hot handle holder for my wife. These 2 items together cost $10.98 without taxes.

The total amount for the guitar was $159.99 without taxes. Adding everything had a total of $170.97 without tax. After taxes I had a total of $182.96 which I paid using my Amazon gift cards.

Screenshot 2018-07-18 16.10.37

Screenshot 2018-07-18 16.11.26
As you can see from this screenshot I paid a Grand Total of $0.00

When I got the guitar that I ordered from Amazon, I made an unboxing video of the guitar on YouTube with this link:

I also made a video to test the guitar out:

Please support my guitar YouTube channel: Thank you so much for the support and for subscribing!

Next, I’m going to purchase a guitar stand on Amazon.

To learn more on how to get free Amazon gift cards, first click and start reading the ‘Getting Started‘ blog post. You can also find this blog post in the Menu above.

Want Free Shipping from Amazon? Try Amazon Prime Free for 30 Days

Amazon Prime Benefits:

  • Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size)
  • Borrow Kindle books
  • Instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes

If you want to buy this guitar you can find it using this Amazon link: Click here

Earning Free Amazon Gift Cards:

In this blog I write about how I obtain free gift cards or cash from using my devices via money making apps and sites.

Checkout the “Getting Started” post to learn more on this money making opportunity online and earn extra cash on the side using your devices.

Most Recommended Way to Earn Online:

Some of the apps are only available in the USA. If you are living in a different place, I suggest that you try “Affiliate Marketing” to earn online from home.

Disclosure : “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”