Free $50/year with Nielsen

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This is one of the most passive earning application that I have on my device. It is so easy to earn with this, just install the mobile app. Click here to download the free app.

This is one of the apps where you just set it up and leave it alone to earn passively. No need to do anything else. Just let the app run in the background and it will earn points for you.

This is the Terms of Service(TOS). Read through it after installing the app on your Android device.

You need to make an account. Sign up and enter the necessary details. It is free to join.

Sign up here for FREE:

For United States click this link.

For Australia, Germany, Italy and Japan click this link.

How to Earn:

Log in to your new account after signing up from the links above.

Log in page. Enter email address and password. Then tap Sign In (green button).

Then leave the app running on the background and start earning extra money for free.

Device Status is Connected and Earning points.

The longer you keep the app running, the more you will earn. You can have multiple accounts in one household. There is a limit of one device per account.

Nielsen is a research company. They collect your phone data (the applications you use) and browser data (websites you visit) and sell it to big brands to help improve their products. This data could help improve your favorite brand products. They will collect demographics as well. If you hate being monitored then this is not the app for you.


You will need to go to

The link should lead to a page that looks like this.

Once I have earned enough points, I redeem Amazon Gift cards under eGift Card on the Categories.

At this time, a $5 Amazon GC is worth 710 Points.
When I joined, I received 330 points as welcome bonus. I received 165 points every week for the first 4 weeks then started getting 330 or 660 points every month.

If you run into some problems, contact their support team they will respond usually within 7 days.

And that’s how I earn an extra $50 every year passively.

Enjoy earning with Nielsen!

Note: Links above are for Android devices only.

Have Questions for me? Click here or comment down below.

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