Why I Stopped Using Yoolotto

This is an update on why I am not using Yoolotto on my devices anymore.

I have earned around $26 with Yoolotto last year.

I recently installed the latest version of the application. There were changes that I did not like.

  1. The earnings per day has decreased a lot. I used to earn around $1 per day per device, but now, it is around 20 to 25cents/day per device.
  2. The application does not show a lot of advertisements like it used to. The app just show the spinning circle most of the time now.
  3. The earning history is glitched. Sometimes it seems like I haven’t earned anything in a day. I need to manually delete data and log in again to make the app display my correct total earnings.

I am staying away from Yoolotto for now.

Maybe I will use their app again if they fix everything and make the app like what it used to be.

Yoolotto is not a scam, you can still earn with their app. The earnings is just lesser compared from before.

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