Perk Account Got Flagged??

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Perk Applications

I have earned a good amount of Free Gift cards from Perk Applications. I have been Perking for almost a year and earned more than $1000 in Amazon Gift cards. I like using Perk TV and Perk TV live. These apps are passive earners, you just run videos and earn Perk Points (PP) while doing something else.

Recently, I have been earning around $5/day running 2 phones on Perk TV live and 1 phone on Perk TV. Then I got an email from Perk’s support that my rewards were cancelled.

“Your Perk account has been found in violation of our Terms of Service by our fraud detection software. Your account has been flagged and your rewards have been cancelled.” – this was the email I received from Perk.

I tried searching for reasons why I got flagged.

perk flagged
I found this in one of Perk’s Articles.

I only have one account. I don’t have referrals. I am not using VPN/proxy IP. I do not use Ad-blocking or Fast-Forwarding apps. I don’t do offers, I only watch videos and advertisements. I am not using VMs. I am in the US. I am not using any hacks or bots.

I do not understand why Perk has decided to flag my account.

Perk was my highest passive earner and now I cannot earn anything from Perk. I have tried to redeem 3 times already and everything just got cancelled. My points were not returned too.

I tried to contact Perk support. No response from them yet.

Now I need to look for a Perk replacement while I wait for them to get back to me.

Update 5/9/2018:

I have heard back from Perk. It seems their fraud department flagged my account for using multiple accounts (I know for sure I am not doing this, as I am the only one using Perk applications in our household.) And that they are requesting my government ID in order for me to redeem my points.

I say I am done with Perk. I will stop using Perk applications since I am not comfortable giving them a copy of any ID that I have.

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