Walmart Savings Catcher

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walmart SC

Walmart Savings Catcher is a part of the Walmart mobile application that basically reviews all your purchased items through your receipt.

Then it compares your purchased items prices with the prices offered by other retailers nearby.

Savings Catcher then looks for the lowest price available for your purchased items for all these retailers and lets you keep the price difference if one of these retailers sell any of your purchased items at a cheaper price.

It is like you are price matching, only that Savings Catcher does it for you.

You can download the Walmart App for free from the links below:

How to Earn:

After purchase of your items in store (not online), Scan the QR code (found at the bottom of the receipt) using Walmart Savings Catcher (found in one of the sections of the Walmart App).

Note: You can only submit a Walmart receipt that is within 7 days from original purchase date.

This is a screenshot when you open Savings Catcher in the Walmart App

Tap “Add a Walmart Receipt” and scan the QR code and then you wait for Savings Catcher to finish processing. That is all you need to do. Savings Catcher will do the rest.

QR code at the bottom of the receipt

Savings Catcher will then automatically price match all your purchased items from nearby retailers.

If you have items that qualifies for a cash back, you will get Reward Dollars which you can use as Walmart eGiftcard. You can use this reward at Walmart stores.

And that is how I get free cash from my Walmart App. So what are you waiting for? Download the app and start scanning your receipts from Walmart!

Bonus Tips:

  • Use Savings Catcher together with other receipt scanning applications to earn more savings. E.g Ibotta, Checkout51, Receipt Hog, Receipt Pal, etc.
  • I want Amazon giftcards: I think you can buy a $25 Visa giftcard from any Walmart store using the Reward dollars earned. Then use the Visa giftcard in the Amazon store to buy an Amazon giftcard.


11/09/2018- Walmart Savings Catcher has some new changes. Last Oct. 29 I received an email from Walmart stating:

“As of today, our Terms of Use for Savings Catcher has changed, and Walmart Pay will be the exclusive way to submit your receipt to Savings Catcher. This will allow you to both submit and spend your Savings Catcher rewards within the same Walmart Pay experience. Due to this change, the ability to submit scanned receipts within the app or submit via desktop has been discontinued. You will still be able to scan your receipt to keep track of your purchase history or use Express Returns.”

This new change will now require us to enroll and use Walmart Pay at checkout to scan the QR code and submit if we want to use Savings Catcher.

No more Savings Catcher for those paying cash(bummer). You can link credit, debit, or gift card to Walmart Pay.

Walmart Pay turns your phone into a mobile wallet (no need to worry about leaving your wallet or purse at home).

By using Walmart Pay the app will store your purchase history making reorders and returns easy.

You can select any purchase from the Purchase History and share or print eReceipts to use for cash back apps.

I usually pay cash for groceries so this change has made me stop using Savings Catcher.

03/19/2019- In an email from Walmart:

“We have decided to discontinue the Savings Catcher receipt submission, effective May 14, 2019. After May 14, you will no longer be able to submit your Walmart Pay eReceipts to Savings Catcher. But don’t worry, the money you have on your Savings Catcher eGift Card will remain yours to spend until you’re ready to use it.”

Perk Account Got Flagged??

perk tv google play

Perk Applications

I have earned a good amount of Free Gift cards from Perk Applications. I have been Perking for almost a year and earned more than $1000 in Amazon Gift cards. I like using Perk TV and Perk TV live. These apps are passive earners, you just run videos and earn Perk Points (PP) while doing something else.

Recently, I have been earning around $5/day running 2 phones on Perk TV live and 1 phone on Perk TV. Then I got an email from Perk’s support that my rewards were cancelled.

“Your Perk account has been found in violation of our Terms of Service by our fraud detection software. Your account has been flagged and your rewards have been cancelled.” – this was the email I received from Perk.

I tried searching for reasons why I got flagged.

perk flagged
I found this in one of Perk’s Articles.

I only have one account. I don’t have referrals. I am not using VPN/proxy IP. I do not use Ad-blocking or Fast-Forwarding apps. I don’t do offers, I only watch videos and advertisements. I am not using VMs. I am in the US. I am not using any hacks or bots.

I do not understand why Perk has decided to flag my account.

Perk was my highest passive earner and now I cannot earn anything from Perk. I have tried to redeem 3 times already and everything just got cancelled. My points were not returned too.

I tried to contact Perk support. No response from them yet.

Now I need to look for a Perk replacement while I wait for them to get back to me.

Update 5/9/2018:

I have heard back from Perk. It seems their fraud department flagged my account for using multiple accounts (I know for sure I am not doing this, as I am the only one using Perk applications in our household.) And that they are requesting my government ID in order for me to redeem my points.

I say I am done with Perk. I will stop using Perk applications since I am not comfortable giving them a copy of any ID that I have.


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Earning Passively Online with EARNABLY

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What Is Earnably?

Earnably is a get paid to (GPT) site like InboxDollars and Swagbucks that I use to make money online. Earnably is legit and Earnably really does payout.

Earnably or Earn Ably is a website that earns you money online. There are a lot of ways to earn. I love earning passively while I sleep or doing something else. With this, you can potentially earn up to $2 per day. You will need a computer or laptop with a browser (preferably chrome) that has flash enabled and unlimited wi-fi. This computer must be running 24/7 to earn the most. Has a limit of 1 account per household. You must be 18 yo. and above to join.

Not So Passive Way To Earn:

  • Get paid to do surveys. If you love doing online surveys, you have this option to make money doing surveys in your spare time. Hover on ‘Earn’ > ‘Daily Surveys’
  • Get paid to do tasks. Hover on ‘Earn’ > ‘Tasks’


How I Earn Passively:
I earn by playing videos and watching advertisements in between the videos. To do this, click the “Earn” drop down menu at home page and click “Videos”. Then choose Hideout.TV and choose a channel, I usually choose Hideout.TV-Food since it is the first on the list and I usually earn faster with it I think. This will open another tab and will start to play videos. Every time you get an advertisement you will earn points. 1 point is roughly equivalent to 1 cent. To earn more effectively from Hideout.TV learn some tips here.

You can also earn bonus points passively through Promo Codes. I will update the Promo Codes if there are new ones available so check out the links below often to see if there are new codes.

robinhood app free stock banner

Payout usually takes about a week and they will notify you via email when it arrives. On the main page choose “Redeem” at the top. You can choose between PayPal, Amazon GC, or any of the cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin). The $5 cash out is the one with a better point per $ conversion rate for me (basically $1= 100 points). I usually cashout at $5 with 500 points.

Checkout my video on YouTube for a step by step guide on how I earn with Earnably:

Earnably thumb edit

To join: Just click the link below and sign up.
Click—>  SIGN UP here!




06/21/2018– Earnably now allows 3 accounts per household. They have also added multiple new gift cards to redeem from.

08/17/2018- EARNABLY is currently not available in:


11/09/2018- It has been a while since I last opened my account in EARNABLY. Now that I have, I noted that earnings are less. With the earning method I have, you can now only earn 0.7pts for every 3 advertisements shown.

I also noted that the “Are you still there?“(AYST) pop up is coming up more frequently which is very annoying.

02/28/2019- Still earning with EARNABLY. has changed to and I am having log in issues with it. What I use now is Smores.TV and I start watching on the Food channel.

10/02/2019- Smores.TV is now gone from the choices of earning from videos. Now I am back to earning with You need to make an account with to be able to redeem rewards.

Points will not automatically transfer to your Earnably account anymore, you need to make an account with to transfer the points earned from to your Earnably account.

When watching videos on look for ‘REWARDS‘ near the bottom of the video, shown in the screenshot below.

hideout tv 2

You’ll have to make an account with to be able to redeem your points to your Earnably account.

To make an account with, click here to SIGN UP TO HIDEOUT TV and fill up the necessary details (username, email address and password) and click the ‘Sign Me Up‘ button. Don’t forget to verify or confirm your account.

hideout tv sign up

Once you have an account with, you can choose ‘Log In‘ (this is located below the ‘SIGN UP TO REDEEM’ button, look at screenshot above, you click the small word in blue color to be able to log in to your account) and enter your log in details.

After logging in, and once you have accumulated points to redeem. Hover your mouse pointer on the ‘REWARDS’ section click it and you’d be able to click the ‘REDEEM‘ button, as shown in the screenshot below within the black circle. You can also earn daily bonus points with by clicking the ‘ADD‘ button in the red circle in the screenshot below.

hideout tv redeem

Another Way to Really Earn Online!

Are you looking for a way to earn money online from your home or from anywhere in the world?

There is an online training program that can train you how to make money online as an affiliate marketer. And it has the potential to earn so much more than the website that I’ve mentioned above.

Some successful people are even earning full-time with it and you can read about their success stories and how the program changed their lives.

Register your email address and get started on your free training:

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This is a new android application that I am trying out that pays money (I have no idea if it is in iOs devices). I just joined and I have yet to get paid.

download (3)

Joining is easy you just download the app from Google Play store and sign up. You get additional yoobux (currency of the app) if you have a referral code when you join in. I did not have a referral when I joined so I just had 10 free yoobux when I started (No idea how much you start with if you use a code).

How I Earn:

There are a lot of ways to earn with this application. The one I do is to just watch video advertisements over and over. This is the easiest and passive method to earn.

After logging in to your account just click the Earn Cash button (yellow) and then look for the “green Watch & Earn” button to start watching advertisements(ads). The ads play continuously for me and could be a passive earner when left alone. I think ads that will play depend on your location. Different earnings would be expected for different locations. For my experience I earned around 70 yoobux in 12h so a possible 140 if I leave the phone running the whole day, but I want my phone to rest too. As far as I know, there are no earning limits per day. I think you could use as many devices you want to increase earnings. But do use only one account for all your devices, or else you will violate their terms.


Minimum cash out is at $1 for 100 yoobux. I choose Amazon gift cards for my payment. You can cashout via PayPal too if you want.


I currently use the LGE Optimus Zone 3 prepaid Verizon which is available on Amazon and the application runs very well with it.

Happy earning extra money!

Here is the link to Yoolotto in google play. If link does not work you can copy and paste this on your browser:

If you want a referral from me comment your email address so that I can send it to you.

Update: I got paid by Yoolotto. I received my payment on a Tuesday after requesting an Amazon gift card on Saturday (about 3 days wait). Then I tried requesting on a Tuesday, I got my gift card the following day.

Before you can start earning, read my blog post on “Getting Started” from the Menu above.

Checkout my other posts on earning online with FREE applications and websites:               I recommend:

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Another Way to Really Earn Online:

There is another way to earn passively online. Get trained on how to make real money online. This method has the potential to let you leave your dreaded 9 to 5 and earn full-time online.

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Money making Android Apps 2017

There are a lot of money-making applications (apps) for your android phone now a days. One question we always ask is, if the app is legit or scam. The apps I mention will not earn you a lot of money. But it does earn you some pocket change or gas money. It is extra money that you can earn. I like to earn with apps that are passive like the lock screen apps. But the caveat is, the more passive the app the lesser the amount that it will earn (unless you earn from a lot of referrals). Here’s a review of the apps I’ve tried and have already cashed out from (I have to say that these apps do pay).


1. InboxDollars– I use it for surveys and offers and earn around $30 to $50 per month. Surveys I qualify usually earns about $.25 to $5. They also give you a chance to spin the Billy’s Spin and Win if you do not qualify a certain survey. You get a maximum of 20 spins to use per day and you can earn cash(I was able to win the $.25 token and $.05) or sweeps(I don’t really do the sweeps, you need to be really lucky to win). I just do $1 worth of survey/s a day to get me at least around $30/mo.

I have to warn that some offers will spam your email address and for surveys to work you have to give out your personal information.
App is working in the US. I have no idea if it works in other countries.
They give you FREE $5 as sign up bonus and they also give extra cents for completing your profile. You can cash out once you reach $30. You should visit their website for updating your profile to earn the few cents.

They also pay you to read emails, I receive around 1 to 4 PaidEmails in my inbox per day and they each add $.02 if you confirm it.
I also watch videos which would earn $0.01 or sweeps, you also get a chance to scratch a card to win money or sweeps. Maximum is $0.5/d for watching TV plus the extra money from the scratch cards.

Once you cash out, you can choose for either the tango cards, prepaid visa and check. They do take $3 to process any cashout method and they usually process everything on a Wednesday so you have to wait until a Wednesday to receive the payment email and get the redemption link.

I use the prepaid visa cash out since it is convenient for me. For prepaid visa, after you get the redeem email you just click the link and make an account with Prepaid Code center(another website) and follow their instructions. After cashing out they give $3 back to your account as cashout bonus.

You can also earn by referring your friends to join.

Join InboxDollars here —> Click here

Download App—> Click here

download (1)

2. Fronto– This is one of the android apps that is so easy to make extra money. It is a lock screen app that shows advertisements on your lockscreen and pays you for it. You can also try their offers which are really simple. You will earn around 20 points per hour just by unlocking your phone. If you want, you can add my referral code XTRAPTS to earn an extra 1250 points instantly. You can redeem your points for rewards like GCs for Amazon, Target, CVS, Starbucks, Walmart, Chipotle, Google play, Burger King, Papa Johns, Nike, Sephora, AMC, Best Buy, Gamestop, Playstation, Xbox, Steam, Fandango, Nordstrom rack, Foot locker, and also PayPal. $1 Amazon GC is around 3250 points.

Download Fronto App—> Click here

download (2)

3. Ibotta– Is an app that gives the user a cash back for grocery shopping. You will need to buy the products listed on the app, some products require you to scan the barcode to verify the purchase. After verifying the products you will then send a picture of the receipt or the QR code of the receipt to confirm your purchase and they will take within 12 hours to confirm your cashback.

Ibotta will give you FREE $10 in your account as Welcome Bonus after you submit your first receipt. You can also invite your friends to join you and earn together. You get your referral bonus after your friends redeem their first purchases. Minimum cash out is at $20. I usually get the Amazon gift cards since they are convenient and I usually shop at Amazon. They will send an email with the gift card (GC) code, then go to your Amazon account and put in the giftcard code. There are a lot of other giftcards to choose from. If you want, you can send your money to your PayPal account as well. Use promo code eojnhos to earn a reward up to $20.

Create an account here—> Click here

Download Ibotta App—> Click here

download (3)

4. Slidejoy– Another lock screen application just like Fronto. Earn by unlocking your phone. Just an extra swipe to earn passive income every month. You can also try their various offers to earn extra carats (currency of the app). 1000 carats is equal to $1. There are various ways to redeem. I usually use the PayPal option. You can also donate if you want.

Join Slidejoy and register—> Click here

Download the Application—> Click here


5. S’more– This is one of the paid to unlock your phone apps. It shows advertisements on your lock screen to earn you some money. This is more consistent than other apps. It gives you a guaranteed 10 points per day. 10 points is equivalent to $0.10. You also get 50 bonus points for joining. You can also increase your earnings doing surveys.

Minimum cash out is at $1 for an Amazon gift card. You can redeem once you have used the app for 10 days. And you can exchange your points for an Amazon gift card (GC).

Sign up using referral code 6R970M and earn bonus 25 points!

Download—> Click here

download (4)

6. Make Money: Earn Cash PP from Tap Rewards Game- This app will pay you if you crack the egg by tapping it. You have to tap a million times to crack the egg though. You also have to contact the developers to receive an app that will show you an ID so that the tap count will not reset after a phone shutdown or after closing the app accidentally. Advertisements are shown if you use the boosters eg. the x2 and the free 500 clicks booster(I guess this is how they monetize the app). You will earn the price shown on the card contained within the egg. I received a $5 PayPal cash. I can finish 100000 clicks every 6 hours with this app. After cracking the egg you will then type in your Paypal email and they will email you within 48 hours. They will ask a survey asking you when you installed the app, how long it took you to crack the egg and what currency you want your reward to be mine was in dollars($). I did receive the $5 PayPal cash the first time I cracked the egg. The 2nd time I cracked the egg there was no response from the developers, so I guess it just works once or they have run out of money to give out. Uninstalled the app once I didn’t get a reply from the developers.


7. Perk TV– This app will pay you to watch videos. They will give 50 perk points(green coins) for joining and verifying your email. The yellow coins are tokens, I don’t really use them. Perk will pay you around 0 to 2 Perk points for watching a single video, depending if there was an advertisement before the video. No advertisement means no Perk points(PPs). This is the app that is really easy to earn with. I love watching movie trailers and other videos, so might as well get paid to do it. 10 PPs is equivalent to $0.01 so it takes a while to earn. I usually redeem Amazon GCs for this app. But there are a lot of other Gift cards here that you can choose from.

Download app—> Click here

Update: 5/9/2017
Regarding Inboxdollars: It has been a pain earning now and earnings are starting to slow down for me. I mainly earn by watching videos now and earn enough to get the daily maximum of $0.50. Doing this will get you to $30 payout in 60 days. It is also nice to earn through searching every day with a maximum limit of $0.15. Every once in a while I do surveys, a lot of surveys I don’t really qualify for anymore. There is also a change in Billy’s spin and win, I don’t get to win cash anymore just sweeps and once in a while a $0.25 token that you can earn if you complete a survey, so I am going to stop doing that, it’s just a waste of time for me. I am also getting 0 to 2 PaidEmails per day now. I also changed my cash out method to InboxDollars ecards and just use the tango cards to redeem Amazon GCs.

Disclosure: Some links contain referral links and I may receive compensation for this.

Note: All links are for Android devices only.