Turn Receipts into Cash with Receipt Hog

This free to download application turns receipts into cash.

First download the free application from Google Play on Android and Itunes for Apple devices.

Then register for an account.

When I registered, I was put on a wait list. I waited for a few months to get in. This application really turns receipts to cash. It is easy to earn too.

How to Earn:

Just take a picture of your receipt, and that’s it. The picture of the receipt must include the store name, purchased item/s, purchase date, and the total of the payment. They give coins(with a picture of a hog) for your uploaded receipt and you can convert these coins for either Paypal or an Amazon Gift Card. The minimum payout threshold is $5 for 1000 coins and can go up to $40 for 6500 coins. This is roughly 162.5 to 200 coins per $1.


For every receipt you’ll get 1 sweepstakes entry.

You can earn coins for receipts from groceries, health items, beauty products, etc bought from Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Supercenters, Club stores, Liquor stores, Dollar stores, Pet supply stores, Toy stores, Drug stores, Beauty stores and Health stores. The coins earned will depend on the receipt total.

Receipt Total to coins earned:

<$10= 5coins

$10 to $50= 10coins

$50 to $100= 15coins

>$100= 20coins

You can also earn spins at the Hog Slots. You can earn spins for receipts coming from Clothing, Closeout stores, Electronics, Office Supply, Books, Sporting Goods, Arts and Crafts, Home Improvement, Home Furnishings, All Other Non-Coin earning stores. Examples: Sears, Old Navy, BestBuy, HomeDepot, Macys, Staples, Kohl’s, GameStop, O’Reilly Auto Parts, etc. At Hog Slots you can win coins. There is a limit of 20 qualifying Spin-receipt uploads per week. I have once won 400 coins from the Hog Slots.



Examples of Receipts that will not be rewarded: receipt of your friends, service invoices, hand-written receipts, movie tickets, receipts w/o items, and receipts >2weeks old.


I cashout with Paypal. You need to verify a number code that is sent to your registered phone number everytime you cashout. I’ve cashed out 3 times already and I can assure you that they do pay. They usually pay within 7 days.


Enjoy earning with Receipt Hog!

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