Drop App Honest Review: Earn Points For Free Rewards

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Drop Application Review

In this post I am going to give you my honest review of the Drop App.

In this Drop Cashback App review I will tell you what the Drop App is, how to get started, how the Drop App works and if the Drop App is legit or not.

I will give you my own personal experience and views after using the Drop App for a while.

I will also show you how to earn more free rewards by using more cashback apps that stacks savings with the Drop App.

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Drop App Quick Facts:

  • Passive – Yes.
  • Cost – Totally Free.
  • Device – Android and iOS.
  • Earning potential – Very low at about less than 1% cashback on qualified purchases.
  • Earning method – Automatic cash back.
  • Points system – Yes, called points.
  • Minimum cashout – High at $25. (The lower the better)
  • Cashout method I use – Macy’s gift card at $25. I would like to get the Amazon gift card, but the minimum cashout for it is very high at $50 and I can’t wait to accumulate that much points.
  • Legit – Yes.

What is Drop App?

The Drop App is a free to download rewards app that is available for Android and iOS device users.

The Drop Cashback App is one on the best cash back rewards app that I use and I have listed other top cashback apps to save even more money.

The Drop App is an app where you can earn free rewards passively and I will show you how to get free rewards below.

It is very simple to use. By using the Drop App you get to automatically earn rewards on your purchases from your favorite stores.

Using the Drop Cashback App you will earn points and these points you can exchange for rewards.

The rewards you can earn are gift cards and I will list the current rewards and their corresponding minimum cashouts in the redeeming section of this review.

The Drop App has a rating of 3.4 stars on Google Play and 4.7 stars in the App Store. There are more happy iOS users of this app.

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What are the Drop App Requirements:

Requires iOS 9.0 or later and the Drop Cashback App is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires Android version 4.4 and up.

You will need a credit or debit card to earn with this app.

Apply for the cash back credit card I recommend to use together with the Drop App. You will earn free $50 credit to your account when you apply through my link and make a purchase within 3 months.

You will also need to have a phone with a working sim if you want to send the Drop App download to your phone.

A working email address or Facebook account is needed to sign up for a Drop App account.

Who Can Use the Drop App:

The Drop App is available to residents in the United States and Canada (the “Territories”).

And you must be at least 18 years old to be eligible.

Corporations are not eligible as stated in their Terms of Service.

Drop App Download:

To get started, we need to download the app.

drop app download

Send the Drop App to your phone.

You will receive a link to download the app for free.

For this App, I am using one of my old Android phones and not my main phone that I take with me everyday.

Create a Drop Account:

After installing the Drop App to your device, you will need to create an account.

You can sign up either using an email address or via Facebook.

drop app sign up

I used an email address to sign up. I use the email address I created to sign up for money making apps.

I keep my personal email separate, just my preference.

Don’t forget to confirm and verify your email address.

If ever you need a referral code feel free to use my code: 2i36p

Using the code above should earn you an additional 5,000 Drop points worth $5 for free.

Your free Drop points will be awarded after you link your first credit or debit card.

How Does The Drop App Work?

After signing up for an account you should now be able to ‘Sign In’.

You can sign in by clicking the ‘Sign In’ button on the upper right portion of the screen.

drop app sign in

After signing in to your account, you will need to select two of your favorite brands or stores (before you could select up to five stores) where you will earn cash back from.

This is a big decision and you will need to think of 2 stores where you usually shop at the most. Once you select your two stores, there is no going back. Take your time here, there is no need to rush.

drop app pick 2 stores

After this, you will then be prompted to link a card to your Drop App account.

drop app link card

Click here to apply for the cash back credit card I recommend.

is drop app safe

Drop App works by giving you Drop points every time you use the linked card to make qualified purchases.

It is pretty much passive earning after linking a card and choosing your favorite stores.

The Drop App will automatically earn cashbacks while you shop normally at your favorite stores selected.

Note that it will take a few days for your transactions to show up on the Drop App. And points will show as pending initially.

The next time you will need to interact with the Drop App is when you redeem Drop points for rewards.

But you need to check the Drop app once in a while to keep your account active and avoid Drop points from expiring.

My Top 2 Favorite Stores:

These are the stores that I chose to earn with the Drop App and how much points I get for making qualified purchases.

drop app favorite stores
  • Target – 2 Drop points for every $1 spent.
  • Trader Joe’s – 7 Drop points per $1 spent.

What are Qualified Purchases for the Drop App?

By using the Drop App, you can only earn Drop points on non-commercial, personal, and household purchases.

Repeat purchases, high-value purchases, and purchases of gift cards may also be ineligible for earning Drop points.

Is There A Limit To Earning Drop Points?

Yes there is. Drop users are limited to earning a maximum of 500 Drop points per calendar week which is Sunday to Saturday.

This is equal to 2,000 Drop points per month maximum. And 2,000 Drop points is equivalent to $2.

This limit is only for Drop points that you earn on your linked card I believe. So you can earn more by using these other ways.

Other Ways to Earn Drop Points:

  • Invite Friends – Earn free $5 worth of Drop points when you invite a friend to use the Drop App. You and your friend will earn $5 worth of Drop points after your friend links a card to Drop. There is a limit of up to 10 friends.
  • My Offers – There is a ‘My Offers’ tab near the bottom of the screen which leads to a screen where you can shop in-app and earn Drop points. You can also find bonus offers here like the ‘Drop Supercharge’.
  • Shop – There is also a ‘Shop’ tab near the bottom of the screen which shows you how much you can earn via Drop points when you shop through the app. There are large amounts of points to earn here.

What is Drop Supercharge?

Drop Supercharge is a game of snake that you get to unlock when spend 5 times with your offers.

drop app supercharge bonus

Note that you can only have one Supercharge bonus at a time. If you don’t play a Supercharge bonus and you make new transactions to earn another bonus, they will not be counted until you play your current bonus.

Redeeming on the Drop Cashback App:

You can redeem Drop points via the Drop app.

Using the Drop App you earn Drop points. And 1,000 Drop points is equivalent to $1.

So 1 Drop point is equivalent to $0.001.

Once you reach the minimum amount to redeem, you can exchange your Drop points for different gift cards and I will list them down below.

You can access the Drop App ‘Redeem’ option at the lower right portion of the main screen.

Drop App Redeeming Options: Gift card rewards Available on the Drop App

This is a list of the gift card rewards available on the Drop cashback app and the corresponding minimum cashout Drop points required.

This may change at any time according to Drop Terms.

  • Minimum $25 or 25,000 Drop points – iTunes, Banana Republic, Coffee Bean, Gap, Nike, Applebee’s, Groupon, Sun Basket, Regal, Macy’s, Chili’s, Olive Garden, L.L. Bean, Lands End gift cards.
  • Minimum $30 or 30,000 Drop points – AMC, Domino’s, Sephora, Old Navy gift cards.
  • Minimum $50 or 50,000 Drop points – Whole Foods, Dunkin’ Donuts, Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Champs Sports, Foot Locker, Hotels.com, Williams Sonoma, Ray-Ban, Ulta, lululemon, Everlane, American Eagle Outfitters, West Elm, Amazon, Starbucks, Uber gift cards.
  • Minimum $100 or 100,000 Drop points – American Airlines, Revolve, Four Seasons, StubHub, ASOS gift cards.

Will Drop Points Expire?

Yes they do. And this happens when your account is inactive.

Your account is inactive when you do not open the Drop App in 6 months.

Drop will deduct 2,500 points each month for inactive accounts until you open the app again or your Drop points balance reaches zero.

Is the Drop App Legit?

In my experience I think that the Drop App is legit.

The Drop App is easy to use and it is also easy to earn extra savings passively by getting cash backs.

It is best to use the Drop App with other Top Cashback Apps.

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Drop App Pros:

  • The app is passive and easy to use.
  • It is free.
  • Available for both Android and iOS.
  • Has a referral system.
  • Has fun bonuses like Drop Supercharge.
  • Stacks with other cashback apps, with cashback cards, and shopping portals (like Rakuten) to earn more savings.

Drop App Cons:

  • Minimum $25 cashout is too high.
  • Amazon gift cards has a minimum of $50 to cashout.
  • The points system is a little confusing.
  • Earning potential is low.
  • There is no PayPal cash out option.
  • There is a referral limit of up to 10 friends.
  • Drop Points expire.
  • There is an earning limit per week.

Other Apps like Drop:

Triple dip on rewards when you install these apps that works the same way as the Drop app.

Dosh – Earns like the Drop app and you also have the option to earn by shopping through their app shopping portal. Get free $1 bonus when you link a card as a new app user. There is a PayPal cash out option.

Read our Review of the Dosh Cash App.

Pei – Works just like Drop. But you are not limited to 2 favorite stores. Minimum cashout is at $25 and you can redeem for PayPal, gift cards, or Bitcoins. Earn free $2.50 after making a purchase and earning a cashback when you enter code: asmmpts.

Read our Pei App Review here.

Also checkout my list of other Best Cashback Apps.

Conclusion: Drop App Review 2020

I like that the app is easy to use and the cash back earning method is passive once it is set up.

The earning potential is very low as with other passive earning apps. This app will not make you rich.

If you want to make an income that will enable you to work from home and be able to support yourself or family, check this #1 FREE Work At Home Recommendation.

A major turn off for this app is the high cashout minimum. Reaching the 25,000 Drop points minimum will take a long time.

A high minimum cashout is a major no no for any money making app.

I also don’t like that I could not redeem PayPal cash (not available) or Amazon gift cards (too high minimum) using this app.

Remember to never spend just to earn cash back, spend normally on things that you are going to buy anyway and save on those purchases.

The goal here is to save money from things you already buy.

Be sure to give the Drop app a try and let me know in the comments about your Drop app experience. You can also leave your questions in the comments. I promise I will answer them as soon as I can.

Have fun earning automatic cashbacks using Drop and I hope you enjoyed my review of the Drop app!

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