MistPlay Review 2020: Can You Really Make Money?

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MistPlay App Review 2020

In this post I will talk about the MistPlay App.

I have always seen ads about the MistPlay app and now I wanted to try it out and learn if this app can really make some money.

MistPlay basically is an app that pays you to play mobile games on your device.

I will show you what the MistPlay app is all about and how the MistPlay app works.

I will show you how to join for free and how to earn a sign up bonus with MistPlay.

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I will show you how to earn passively using this app and how to redeem rewards.

I will tell you if the MistPlay App is legit or just a scam.

MistPlay App Quick Facts:

Passive – It can be.
Cost – Free.
Device – Android only.
Earning potential – Let’s say ‘it can’t make you quit your full-time job’ Low.
Earning method – Download, install and play games.
Points system – The points to redeem rewards are called ‘units’.
Minimum cashout – $0.50 for Amazon gift cards.
Cashout I use – Amazon gift card.
Legit – Yes.

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What is MistPlay App?

MistPlay is a free app that pays you to play mobile games on your device.

MistPlay is currently only available for Android users. There is a waitlist for iOS users.

By playing games recommended by the app you earn ‘units’ and these units you can use to redeem free rewards or gift cards.

The app is easy to use and some of the games are addictive.

I will list the available MistPlay rewards later on in this review.

The MistPlay App currently has a rating of 4.4 stars on Google Play.

MistPlay App Requirements:

MistPlay App requires Android 4.4 and up.

You will need a lot of storage memory to be able to install a lot of games to earn more.

If your device is short on memory, you can delete the games that you are don’t want to play anymore and install new ones to earn more.

You will need a Google or Facebook account to be able to sign up and log in.

You must be at least 13 years old to be able to use the app.

MistPlay App Download:

To download the MistPlay App, just click on the link below.

Click to Download MistPlay.

mistplay app download

The link should take you to Google Play and you can download and install the MistPlay app for free.

Creating A MistPlay Account:

After installing the app on your Android device, you will need to create an account.

For this app you can sign up using a Google or a Facebook account.

mistplay sign up

I used a Google account to sign up to MistPlay.

Then the app will ask for your birthday and gender to create your account.

mistplay create account

How To Earn on the MistPlay App?

The currency for Mistplay is called units. You will earn units and you will use units to redeem rewards.

Welcome Bonus:

When you first join and open the MistPlay app you will receive free 200 units as welcome or sign up bonus.

mistplay welcome bonus

Subscribing to MistPlay newsletter:

You earn free 15 units when you subscribe.

mistplay other ways to earn

Following MistPlay on Social Media:

You will get free 5 units when you follow MistPlay on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Daily Play:

Play for 5 minutes per day for 7 days to get bonus units which changes every week.

mistplay daily play

Enter a Mistcode and Earn:

In some months, MistPlay will post Mistcodes in their social platforms. You can then type this codes in to earn bonus units.

Where to enter Mistcodes?

You can enter Mistcodes by tapping on your ‘Profile’ located on the bottom right of the screen.

Then tap the 3 buttons located on the upper right portion of the screen just below your units.

mistplay profile

This will take you to the ‘More’ screen. You will find the ‘Mistcode’ option in this menu.

mistplay mistcode

This is where you can enter Mistcodes.

Playing a Mobile Game and Earn:

By tapping on the ‘Games’ option near the bottom left of the screen you will see a list of games that you can install.

You will need to install a game from the list to play the mobile game.

Playing the game from the MistPlay app lets you earn ‘Game Experience’ or GXP. Once you earn enough GXP, you will level up and gain units in the process.

I noticed that you will earn GXP even if you just open the mobile game from the MistPlay app and leave it running. This is how you can earn passively from the MistPlay app.

Also important to note that there will come a time that the app will stop collecting GXPs. This means that there is a daily limit on how much GXPs you can earn.

There is a timer below your game level and GXP to note when you can start earning GXPs for that game again.

You also earn ‘Player Experience’ or PXP when playing a mobile game and when you level up in a mobile game.

PXP levels up your avatar and you will also collect units when you level up your avatar.

Also check the badge section of your mobile game in the Mistplay app, you will earn bonus units when you achieve or perform certain actions.

Mistplay Contest:

There is also a contest section on the Mistplay app. There will be steps to follow to be able to enter.

In the screenshot below, the contest prize is 10,000 units and the steps is listed just below the ‘Join Contest’ button

mistplay contest

Invite and Earn:

You can also earn units by inviting your friends to Mistplay.

Your friend will gain bonus 50 units when they join Mistplay using your link.

You will receive 100 units when your invited friend reaches level 4.

If you want to be my invited friend, click here to join Mistplay.

Redeeming on the MistPlay App:

You can exchange your earned units for different rewards in the ‘Shop’ section of the Mistplay app.

There is no PayPal option for Mistplay.

The minimum amount where you can earn a gift card is $0.50 Amazon gift card for 400 units.

I will list the conversion for units to $ below:

  • 400 units = $0.50
  • 1,800 units = $5
  • 3,000 units = $10

Note that the higher $ rewards will cost less units per $1 spent rather than redeeming for the lower $ reward amounts.

I think that the $5 reward is the best option to cash out on the Mistplay app.

You can access ‘Shop’ section in the mid bottom part of the screen.

mistplay shop

Once you have enough units, you can ‘Buy’ the gift card of your choice through the Mistplay Shop using your units earned.

I usually redeem Amazon gift cards, I always get my gift card in my email inbox within the day I redeem or buy the gift card.

mistplay redeem

Is MistPlay Legit?

The Mistplay app is legit and I have earned free Amazon gift cards from this app.

The Mistplay app is easy to use and if you enjoy playing mobile games, you will enjoy getting paid to play mobile games.

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Mistplay App Pros:

  • Can be a passive earner.
  • Costs nothing.
  • Has a welcome bonus.
  • Has a referral system.
  • Has addictive and fun games.

Mistplay App Cons:

  • There are misleading ads. Just like the screenshot below.
  • Only for Android.
  • Points system is confusing to convert.
  • Low earning potential.
  • No PayPal cashout option.
  • There is a GXP daily earning limit.

Conclusion: Mistplay App Review 2020

Mistplay is a legit app to earn free gift cards by installing and playing mobile games.

The earning potential will be low and will not be enough to let you leave your full-time job.

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It is nice to earn while playing mobile games.

Having no PayPal cashout option, you are limited to redeeming to Amazon gift cards or other gift cards you prefer.

Checkout these apps that pay with PayPal.

Try the MistPlay app. Let me know what you think about this money making app in the comments. You can also drop your questions in the comments.

Have fun playing mobile games and earning at the same time!

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Mistplay app!

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