Free Thanksgiving Dinner shopping at Walmart from Ibotta

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Hello everyone, in this post I’ll talk about the free Thanksgiving Dinner offer from one of the best cashback apps called Ibotta.

This isn’t really a make money type of thing but it is a free dinner or one where you can save money on dinner.

The Offer is available November this year, while supplies last.

Disclosure: The links I provide in this post may contain referral links, which means I will earn a commission for someone who clicks and joins at no extra cost to you.

How It Works?

Ibotta is a cashback app and you will need to install the app on your smart device. The app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play.

Download Ibotta App or Sign Up

Learn More About Ibotta

Once you have the app in your device search for offers listed. You can add individual offers to your list.

On each offer you can see how much cash back you can make. Offers will be products that you need to purchase at a certain retailer.

You can verify the offers through the app when you make your purchase in-store. Make sure to verify the offers first before purchasing the products.

When you redeem an offer you will make dollars on your Ibotta account, and currently you need a minimum of $20 to cash out.

Note: Redeeming offers must be made within seven days of purchase.

Cashing out is the way to get the $ in your Ibotta account, otherwise the money will accumulate in your Ibotta account until you reach the minimum threshold.

You can cash out to PayPal or Gift Cards (GCs). I usually cashout to my PayPal account with the Ibotta app.

Free Thanksgiving Dinner Offer from Ibotta and Walmart

The offers are 100% cash back offers. Means that when you purchase the items, you get cash back as the price you paid for that item.

So let’s say you bought the Butterball Turkey at Walmart at $9.98. You then add this offer in the Ibotta app, redeem the offer and get $9.98 cash back added to your Ibotta account.

All the offers are exclusive at Walmart and you can shop in-store, pickup or have a delivery.

What Are The Free Offers?

Here is a list of the Free Offers: There are 9 items

  1. Butterball Turkey Breast Roast = $9.98 cash back
  2. Great Value Stuffing Mix, 6oz = $0.82 cash back
  3. Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup, 10.5oz Can = $0.98 cash back
  4. Great Value Green Beans, 12oz = $1.34 cash back
  5. McCormick Gravy, 0.87oz = $1.12 cash back
  6. Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, 8oz = $1.88 cash back
  7. Great Value Cranberry Sauce, 14oz = $0.98 cash back
  8. French’s Crispy Fried Onions, 2.8oz = $1.92 cash back
  9. Coca-Cola, 2 Liters Bottle = $1.25 cash back

There are 9 offers and you can redeem all of them or any of the individual offers for a full 100% cash back on what you spend. Max cash back value of all 9 offers is $20.27 (enough to cash out).

Note: There is a limit of one free offer redemption per user. So you cannot get more than one of each product offer.

What If I Need A Bigger Turkey?

At Ibotta’s website they mention that you may purchase a whole Butterball Turkey at a higher price but you will only get the $9.98 as cash back toward the cost (Not totally Free anymore but you save $9.98). Just make sure the product qualifies as eligible for cash back.

How Do I Know If The Item Is Eligible?

Always make sure to verify the product in-store using the Ibotta app and scan the barcode if it qualifies or it matches the offer.

Free Thanksgiving Dinner from Ibotta and Walmart

Take advantage of these offers and save some money on Thanksgiving dinner using Ibotta.

That is it! Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

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