Swagbucks Bonus 2019: Get Free Gift Cards

In this blog post I will tell you what Swagbucks is, how to sign up, how to get 300 bonus SBs, and if Swagbucks is legit or not.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an online rewards program where you can earn SwagBucks (their currency or points system) and redeem them for gift cards or cash (eg. PayPal). There are a lot of ways to earn SBs (SwagBucks). They state that they have given out almost $300+ million in rewards already.

swagbucks home

It is absolutely Free to join Swagbucks. Join Swagbucks and you can earn FREE gift cards.

How to get 300 Bonus SwagBucks?

Earn extra 300 SBs bonus for joining this money making app or site. To earn the extra 300 SBs, join today as my referral by clicking this link and earn 300 SBs this month. Earning 300 SBs is easy and I have a semi passive way on doing that and I will teach you how in a link down below.

Join Swagbucks for Free now and get $10 as Sign Up Bonus.

swagbucks sign up

When you earn the 300 bonus SBs, I also get 300 bonus SBs. We both win! That’s why I want you to earn your bonus SBs.

There is also a $10 sign up bonus when you join Swagbucks. You can only get this Swagbucks sign up bonus when you first join or when you are a new member.

After signing up, log in to your Swagbucks account and start earning SBs through various offers available on the Swagbucks website.

If you want to learn on how I earn, click this link.

With my method above, it should be easy to earn your first 300 SBs for the month and get an extra 300 SBs as bonus.

swagbucks gift cards

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Swagbucks is a legitimate site to earn free gift cards or PayPal cash. I have done this since 2017 and Swagbucks always send me my rewards or my free gift cards that I redeem.

I usually choose Amazon gift cards as payment. Swagbucks also has a low threshold for cashing out, that’s why I love earning some SBs.

Want A FREE Stock?

That is right, it is FREE. There is even a chance you could get a stock like Amazon, Apple, or Tesla. Give me my Free Stock now!

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Disclosure: Some of these links are referral links and I may receive compensation for this.

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